Friday, March 26, 2010

Organizing and crafting...

We have been busy little bees over at my house today. The huge task of getting my house in some semblance of order has begun. Yesterday I went out and bought some lovely plastic totes, in which to store some of our overflow, (mostly homeschool supplies). Today, we are moving furniture off the desks and tabletops, sweeping, dusting and organizing.
The biggest mess in my house, has got to be all the junk that is on my computer desk!!! So, I put everything that was on the desk into a big box, and now I am forced to deal with it all, (lest I have a box of miscellaneous junk hanging around my kitchen).

Ruby has been helping to clean out the homeschool room, and together we decided that we should spruce up our containers that hold our pencils, pens, scissors, etc...

We emptied our jars and got out the modge podge and tissue paper. First I tore up the tissue paper of choice into small-ish pieces...then we put a coat of modge podge onto our jar...we put the tissue paper on top, and then more modge podge over that.

here are our jars covered with ripped bits of tissue paper

After the jars were covered with tissue paper and modge podge, we added pictures from magazines, and shapes cut out of the tissue paper.

Ruby is putting hearts, diamonds, stars and moons on hers.

I cut out tulip shapes in orange and red and placed them all over my jar. Very spring-y.
I'm feeling like I can breathe again, with the absence of clutter and the feeling of organization in the air. Happy Spring cleaning everyone!


  1. Sweet. Good luck with weblog. A beautiful start so far...

  2. I have gratitude for that spring vibe as well. Cute kids projects! Happy blogging. ;)


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