Saturday, July 31, 2010

This weekend...

Revel in the miracle taking place right in your backyard!

Encourage the little people in your life to get "hands on" with nature...

May nature inspire YOU!!

I wanted to share with you this fabulous natural craft idea!  It comes from my dear real life friend at
Wabi-Sabi Wanderings.  Little flower people...made from real flower petals!  What a fun and beautiful craft to do with the kiddies at the peak of summer, (when the flowers are in FULL bloom)! 
Go check it out for a simple, and beautiful craft to do this weekend!

We're off to enjoy a long weekend here at the Toadstool!  We'll see you on Tuesday!
xox maureen


  1. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!

    Have a great long weekend, my friends :-)

  2. worthy wisdom from you creative ladies:)
    have a beautiful and inspirational weekend!

  3. wonderful and inspiring pictures ! isn't it amazing how much can happen in a backyard, on a hiking trail, next to the fish bowl.... miracles are wonder waiting to be noticed... but never demanding...

    light and love

  4. That beebalm photo is a framer...gorgeous. I'm off to find a monarch caterpillar!

  5. i wrote a similar weekend wish... this post is full of beauty.

  6. A lovely floral weekend. Gorgeous photos Maureen. The little flower lady is so pretty.

  7. Love it all, the photo's, the wisdom, and the creativity. So going to go make some flower people with my kids today.

  8. They really are stunning pictures Maureen..i must get myselfa macro lens! :)

  9. My eight and nine year old girls made a tribe of these, which they called Fairy Guardians. They placed them around their latest fairy house creation. We didn't have large enough beads, and instead used small fruit from local trees for some of the faces and also beeswax for faces. On one we placed a curved pod from a tree to make a mermaid (attaching petals for flippers), and placed a seashell for her hat atop her beeswax head. Thanks for the earthy inspiration!


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