Saturday, August 21, 2010

Look Ma!!!!!

Guess what went missing at our house this week?
*sigh* is there any way to stop them from growing up?!

xo maureen


  1. Precious! I've got a 7 yr old with that exact same smile right now!!

  2. Hee hee! It's been a few years since we've seen that particular composition of a smile around here. But I know its coming again soon.

    Delightful :-)

  3. Sadly I have the same problem at our house..

    I keep telling my kids that I'm going to tie a brick on top of their head to stop their growing!!

  4. So sweet, I had a smile like that just a few weeks ago, and already the teeth are almost in.. They do grow up so fast:(

  5. My Oldest is nearly sporting the same look....we tried to pull them last night, they are just hanging there, but they are still holding on! I imagine they'll fall out in time for school pictures ;) Congrats to your little one!

  6. hahahaha. Only the other day I was showing my 15 year old Son his baby teeth I had kept!!

    Just enjoy your time with them:)
    Michelle x

  7. bittersweet moment isnt it, watching them develop into new stages but knowing its moving further away from us. My daughter cant wait to lose her first tooth!

  8. oh, we've got a top one about to go, too! too fast it goes by. you are good at treasuring each day though, i can see that. ;)

  9. Cute! I'm not looking forward to when Ella gets to that age. Everything is such a drama these days, I can just imagine what's going to happen when teeth start falling out.

  10. wow! congrats to son is 5 1.2 and still has all of his baby teeth. i think i'll cry when the first one pops out! x

  11. Aww how funny! I remember having that smile too, seems like forever ago. I wish there was a way to stop them from growing but I haven't found it yet. If you discover the secret, let me know. I have a little buy who will be loosing teeth soon as well.


  12. Lovely smile. Each time my eldest gets a loose tooth, she spends weeks wiggling it. The younger two try and copy her. Not yet! I'm not sure about stopping them growing up, I think it is speeding up.

  13. Hehe, I was just saying to my mom today I'll be 20 next year, and she could hardly believe it. She's kept every single one of my baby teeth in a little box. I kinda appreciate her doing that, it reminds me how little I used to be X3


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