Saturday, August 28, 2010

The magic of movement!

I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

This past week our community was blessed with a visiting dance troupe!  They had workshops at a beautiful dance studio nearby for adults and children.  The workshop for the kids was called, "Where the Wild Things Are", and the kids got to explore movement, and discover how their bodies can move.  As I looked through the pictures I took during one of the sessions, it occured to me how JOYfull an exercise dancing is!  The children were positively glowing with happiness and radiating light! 

The week ended with an outdoor performance by the troupe called "Caboose".  It took place in a park underneath the towns old watertower.  What a positively wonderful spot to have a performance.  The children were enthralled to get to watch this performance as the sun set and dusk fell upon us.  It is awe inspiring to see how the body can move...what a blessing to be able to dance!   

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. ~Japanese Proverb

While my own range of movement is *ahem* less than theirs, (there will be no backflips happening in my house), I'm inspired to put on the Stevie Wonder and get my dance on!  Here's to mamas and their babes dancing in their pyjamas across the land!  Don't worry if you ain't got no rhyme or rhythm, just slap a smile on your face and get moving!
Here's to the dance!
xo maureen



  1. fantastic!!! and I love the energy of these photos....I never feel quite as free doing anything other than dancing with no abandon:)

  2. Love it!! Dancing is so much fun, and the best thing is that when you make a fool of yourself it is even more fun!!

  3. I took the kids to the Cobden Fair today and made a fool of myself dancing to "Mr. Big Stuff" while they rode the spaceships. Love watching my kids dance!

  4. it is magical isn't it! In my house, we slap on a Sesame Street disco album, yes, an LP and we wait while we turn over the record to the other side. Heavy breathing and laughing to be sure.

  5. I love dancn'!!! Looks like they had!


  6. Lots of fun.
    BTW I made your courgette choc chip cookies...nice x

  7. So much fun Maureen, I went to see Cavallia just recently and loved the dance and something similar to the troup. Movement is wonderful for the children. I love the embroidery, I'm trying to remember how to crochet at the moment, so practicing that. Then I will do some embroidering. Sweet little projects.


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