Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who's Been Feeding the Cat????

When I saw this overflowing cat bowl, I just had to laugh.  Now which of the two little kitty lovers in the house was responsible for this "abundant' food distribution?  I hid behind the stairs and caught it all going down on film!

caught her red handed!

"Now eat dat" she commands!

You know who's in charge at my house?
(I'll give you a's not me ;)

xo maureen


  1. That will be good for a giggle whenever you need it... thanks for sharing

    love and light

  2. My toddler is in charge of the cat and dog treats. He very deliberately doles out four treats to each of our nine cats - even the ones who don't like treats.

  3. That is too cute! Especially the command (you can lead a cat to food, but...). At our house it's the animals who give the commands! Especially our mini-donkeys!

  4. Ella feeds the cats like that too. She also expects them to start eating immediately. Our cats don't follow commands well either :)

  5. so funny! our boy tries to push our reluctant dog's nose into her food too!

  6. Its always the youngest in our household too. Somehow he seems to think the dog is more likely to eat if more and more food is put in.

  7. That is adorable! My 2 year old feeds our cats all the time and once fed the whole bag (which was a bulk bag) before I realized he had gone overboard. I swear if the fridge ever gets moved our cats could eat for weeks!! Love your blog!

  8. Must blame the toddler in our house for most fiascos that happen at ankle-level...haha! Great photos, great tights!

  9. This has to be one of the cutest blog posts I have read in a very long time!! Love the command! Sounds like something that could have come from our youngest one :-)

    Wonderful blog too! I love reading it!


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