Monday, April 4, 2011

Sugaring Time!

Today was one of those gorgeous spring days... brimming with thawing and flowing... full of sweet sunshine, gulps of fresh maple sap, puddles to jump in, lambs to kiss and a sugar shack to hang out in.

Truly Spring is here!

We were gifted with an afternoon at our friends farm where they tap trees and spend the month harvesting their first crop of the season ~ maple syrup!

It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time outside and take part in some of the maple syrup making experience...

The collecting...
Riding on the back of the four wheeler for collecting... jumping off, chasing it...
jumping back on... rosy cheeked and giggling.

The checking...

Yelling with delight when they found one full... sometimes almost overflowing... tipping their mouth up to the rim to take a sweet sip.

The pouring...
Pure fresh goodness.

The tasting...
( caught Papa indulging in some sweet sap )

The watching...
 The big boil in the cozy sweet smelling sugar shack...

After the satisfaction of "helping out" they spent the rest of the afternoon running in the woods... 

jumping on frozen puddles, climbing in hay lofts and letting their play time shout "It's Spring!!"

I must admit... I have fallen in love with the maple syrup making process.  
It leaves me in awe of how much sap it actually takes to make our beloved maple syrup and inspires me to want to make this not only an annual adventure...
but someday doing it ourselves!

Our good friends at Two Tree Farms with just the beginnings of their maple syrup harvest.

Good ol' Canadian maple syrup at its finest.

A plate of pancakes shall never taste the same!

A sap-run is the sweet good-by of winter. 
It is the fruit of the equal marriage of the sun and frost.”
John Burroughs, Signs and Seasons, 1886

Grateful that spring is alive and flowing!

~Shanti ~

P.S. Here is a lovely sugar time circle song. 


  1. what a super lovely post. thank you for sharing xo

  2. We're off to help "sugar off" sometime this soon as hubby's vehicle is fixed! Can't wait.

  3. My, that's quite a harvest already at the B's place. We need a good fix soon too! Here's another song my littles love to sing as well:

  4. our sugarin was a bust this year. we all got sick just after collecting it all.:( Next year!!!

    great picturess!

  5. I love that photo of the sap dripping from the spile. Aaah, welcome spring!

  6. we need to start making it ourselves just to save money! There is maple syrup use a lot in this house. Looks like a lovely day!

  7. Thanks for the song link Erin ~ its really sweet and great that it has the music too!
    Molly... sorry to hear that ~ really hope your next year of maple syrup season is your most successful yet!

  8. oh how I'd love to participate in this! there's only one farm in NC that can make syrup (in the mountains) and my in-laws made it last year. an amazing process, my mom talks about from when she was a little girl up north, horse, sleigh & all...

  9. That looks like SO much fun!! I have fond memories of our dad sitting down to eat a whole bowl of this sweet, yummy goodness! Oh the luxury of it all. :)

  10. What a super magical and tasty maple syrup adventure! I think maple syrup making has been on my interest radar this spring too...especially at the rate our family goes through it!


  11. Hi Shanti- this is on my bucket list!!! I have shivers reading your post. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am definitely coming to visit someday when I get to Canada! I'll just have to make sure it is maple syrup time. Bring on the pancakes!!! Amber

  12. thanks for the sweet photos! i LOVE maple syrup...we order it by the gallon straight from vermont...thanks for showing the process. be well and enjoy spring! cody

  13. WOW, going ot show this to my kids, as I have tried to explain what maple syrup is and where it comes from (they love it!), but my description of it as "tree blood" didn't really help matters!

    So glad you haven't left cyber space, been worrying you might xxx

  14. How lucky what a beautiful way to spend an afternoon!


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