Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hanging Hearts!

Here's a super easy Valentine's inspired craft! 
Hanging hearts!

First make some heart templates.  Cut out hearts of varying sizes.

Trace onto big one and one slightly 3 sizes, (and 2 of each size...a front and a back)
Cut them out...

and sandwich some tissue paper in the middle...put glue around the heart and press...

Put some string in between all the hearts...for hanging and you should end up with a little something like

Don't be limited by red and pinks...go crazy with your colours...these are easy and really pretty to have hanging around the house...I think I'll keep them up until spring...we're deep in the heart of winter here and I need all the colour I can get!!

Happy Heart Making!!!
xo maureen


  1. a little colour can go a long way. And nice to have a little inner smirk when you walk by.
    great to see you all back here after the holiday. keep on, the snow will melt.... sometime.

  2. Cute! I just bought some fun valentine-ish paper to do something similar with next week!

  3. They look pretty (and possible :0)) thank you !

  4. i am new to your blog, and i love the crafty goodness i find here!

  5. Ahahaha! I just ran this post past my boys as an idea of what we might do tomorrow morning. The 12 yr old thought they were lovely and a great idea, the 6 yr old wanted to do them as long as we could use only a palette of black, and the 2 yr old said they were too girly!


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