Friday, May 13, 2011

On Saying Goodbye...for now.

These past few months Shanti and I have been experiencing this on again, off again love affair with blogging.  When we started this blog we started with gusto...neither Shanti or myself had any experience with blogging, (other than reading blogs).   Our goal was to create and grow a blog, and share our creativity with other mamas.  This time last year we were posting about 5-6 times a week...I would dare say the majority of last summer was spent blogging our hearts out.   This blog is like a little creative baby that Shanti and I have nurtured's hard to just "let go"...on the other hand it feels kind of refreshing to just say, "LET IT GO!!!"  Shanti and I both homeschool our kids, we both work, (at least) 25 or more hours a week outside of our homes, we garden, create and homestead.  When I think about how we found the time to blog, I have to think about what's suffered in our lives as a result.  While the blog has been a fufilling creative outlet for us both, there have also been times when we put so much pressure onto ourselves to get a post up, I fear that there were times when we both sacrificed precious moments of family time trying to manage our blog.

Recently Shanti went on a trip and returned home having really enjoyed being "unplugged"...after we talked, we realized that we're both on the same page with this, we need to get back into our lives again.  We have both loved sharing on the blog and being part of the blog world. It has inspired us, brought us to live creatively, challenged us to grow and brought us JOY!   With spring here and summer around the corner, we want to make the most of it and spend every possible moment  soaking up the beauty.  We want to turn off the "blog post" planner  part of our brain. We want to learn how to "just be" more and slow down our lives.  We want to say thank you to to all of you new found blog friends. Thank you for all the kind words you have shared, the inspiration we have received from your blogs and the opportunity to be a part of such a rich community of kindred spirits. We are so grateful.

In the meantime our blog will stay put...we don't plan on taking any of it down, and we may return sporadically, to give you little updates on our lives.  We aren't planning any craft tutorials any time soon, so please refer to our archives for craft ideas.  I think we managed to create something really special here...I hope that we will continue to be a resource for mamas out there who appreciate beautiful crafts for beautiful little people.  We wish you JOY and we thank you for supporting us. 

with all our love
Maureen & Shanti



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