Friday, April 11, 2014

Toadstool Fairy House

We always seem to have our toadstool radar on {dreaming up toadstool crafts}.
Inspired by my co-bloggers toadstools for the garden, I wondered if I could use a smaller wooden bowl and create a wee toadstool cottage! 
With some fairy guidance it all came together. 
Seeing perhaps an entire fairy village of these for them to frolick and dwell in!

To create you will need:

small wooden bowl
large toilet paper roll (or if you can't find an large one like this, a container would work)
red & white paint
bits of nature to embellish (we used moss, baby's breath, birch bark and pussy willows)
paint brush

To begin:

Paint your bowl with a couple coats of red paint let it dry fully.
With a small paint brush add your toadstool spots.

Take your toilet paper roll and paint it white.

Then, cut your door shape out of birch bark.

Add on a little acorn cap for the handle and pussy willows if you are inspired.

Glue your door on and add your moss.

We tucked some baby's breath into the moss ~ couldn't resist adding the perfect fairy flower!

Fairy goodness complete!

Did you ever hear
Of the frolic fairies dear?

They're a blessed little race,
Peeping up in fancy's face,

In the valley, on the hill,
By the fountain and the rill;

Laughing out between the leaves
That the loving summer weaves.
Frances Sargent Osgood

Our little fairy cottage now lies nestled in the "mountainous region" of our back yard to await the fairies.

Fairy Blessings to All,



  1. Oh, it is a really cute cottage - perfect for spring!

  2. Clever construction. Adorable outcome.

  3. Your work is always so playful and lovely!

  4. Such a lovely idea! Very clever. I might have to make one with my kids as there certainly is a lack of toadstools here in Kenya!

  5. You just make me so happy with this craft! I'm going to make one of my own today! I need a toadstool for Spring! ♥♥


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