Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fae Fabulous Tutu Tutorial!

Recently while shopping at our local thrift store ~ where most things can still only cost a quarter! ~ my eyes landed on a big bag of pink tulle. I almost walked away (self control Shanti, self control...) until I remembered seeing the sweetest no sew tutus on line that I had someday hoped to make. So the pink tulle came home with us and was quickly transformed into some fabulous fae wear for my youngest!
Here is a girl you will often find up in a tree with a dirty face, battered jeans and an old plaid shirt, but offer her a pink tutu and she can switch roles rather instantly ~ soon to be found spinning in graceful delight. I suppose what girl can resist the allure of fluffy tulle...

Here is a super simple way to create a tutu. 
Thinking it would make a sweet gift for Easter or as a quick great gift for a birthday party.

In the words of my eight year old "It looks complicated but really it's SO easy!" She made her own version in navy blue and dark green, almost completely on her own ~ simple it truly is!

You need 
 3-6 yards of Tulle (or 2 rolls of 6" tulle)
Hows that for simple!

To begin..
Measure the recipients waist and cut your elastic to fit (with extra to overlap where you sew).
Sew your elastic together ~ zig zag on the machine or by hand
Decide how long you want your tutu to be, then double the desired length of the tutu + one inch. For example- If you want your tutu to be 12 inches long, you need to cut the tulle in 25 inch lengths. 
Then you can cut your squares that length and pile on top of one another
Next cut you pile of squares into strips of about 8 inches or so (cutting them all together makes it go a lot quicker).
I must say tulle is the MOST forgiving fabric I have ever worked with. Your lines can be a rough cut and it still looks fabulous when put all together!

Stretch your elastic around a chair, your knee or (as we used) a stool.
Fold the strips in half & loop it around the elastic by pulling the ends through the loop. Pull  tight. 

Keep tying the strips of tulle onto your elastic until it fills up full. 
This one only took about 30 minutes or so.

There it is... pretty and pink awaiting a fairy to dance in it.

We also decided to add a little extra color. 

So we tied on some grass green ribbon to swirl when twirled.

One very happy fairy discovered her new skirt and took it out to play.

Magic ensued...

and more joy!

A fitting gift for my Solana Fae!

I had so much fun creating this and loved being the photographer on the sidelines while the "new skirt" directed a whole story ~ unfolding with dragons, a wedding, tree climbing, a handsome fairy prince, dancing and best of all big grins and giggles!

May you have a "fae"bulous day!
~ Shanti ~


  1. Wow, what a great tutorial. That skirt looks fabulous and so much fun. I never thought I would be able to make a tutu for my daughter but now I have hope! Thanks so much Shanti.

  2. Hi there, This might be a stupid question but can you clarify the amount of tulle? How long is a roll of 6" tulle? I want to make sure I get the right amount!

    1. I make tutus as well I get a 25 yard roll of tulle for 4.99 at hobby lobby but ribbon and tulle are half off so I get a roll for 2.50 a tutu makers dream they are so fun to make

  3. I love that picture of her in the tree. You've got to frame that! Too cool... :-)

  4. I made one just like this last year, tho in paler pink and with added roses, for a princess much like your own (grubby knees and battered jeans)fun isn't it?

  5. Dance on, Solana! I was a tree climber, too. But I have been known to put on a twirly dress and get dolled up once in a while! :) Gorgeous tutorial, girls would love to make one of these!!

  6. Pure magic!!!!!! I love the skirt but the girl inside it is even more wonderful! What a precious little character with her rain boots and gap-toothed smile. love, Beth

  7. anonymous... a roll of tulle is usually 25 yards. It seems you would need 1-3 rolls for a child. (depending on how old your child is and how full you want it.) The great thing I discovered about tulle though is how forgiving it is and that basically it will look great any which way! Hope that helps.
    Much love

  8. This is such a great idea! I love that its no sew!

  9. love it! I have always wanted to try this!

    Thanks for the tutorial~

  10. I have three little nieces aged 3-7 (sistes) that will each recieve a tutu for Easter just because of you and your little "fae". So cute!! Hmm, I'm 51, is that too old for a tutu? (I want one in purple with red ribbons.)

  11. Tess... I say you are never too old for a tutu!!! Just think of the hit you would be to your nieces ~ purple and red sounds like an enchanting look!

  12. These are so fun! And they look easy enough for me too.

  13. Thanks for yet another hand-made idea for Easter! The pictures are fabulous, and if they were all you had of Solana's childhood, they'd be enough. Enchanting indeed!!

  14. Looks like she is enjoying her new tutu immensely. I know someone who'needs' one of these so I better get busy and make one. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial.

  15. Thanks for posting this! The tutu looks so simple. Our town has a May Day festival coming up and I wanted to make the girls some fairy costumes, and the tutu would definitely work.

  16. So cute! I'd love to make one :)

  17. Adorable post! I can't wait to try this.

  18. Your little one is so sweet in her tutu! Thank you for sharing how to make it.

  19. I might have to make this for myself!

  20. This is awesome! And those photos are so adorable

  21. this tutu is adorable and I am going to try and make this for our 2 yr old grand daughter to wear at her birthday party the end of this month.!!

    thanks for sharing

  22. I have some yellow net over taffeta that was once the skirt of a prom dress I wore 50 years ago! I wonder if this would work since it is stiffer than the tulle, I'd love to have one of my granddaughters have it for some kind of play outfit.

  23. Lovely - I made some for my little girl yesterday and have linked back to your tutorial. Thanks for a lovely teaching.

  24. Awesome !!! Thanks a lot for this tuto !! It's working like a charm ! Just posted as a link on my site :-)

  25. Thanks for the tutorial. I do have a question. I made one of these today and I can't keep the tulle from sticking together. How do you keep your pieces so straight and from clinging to one another?

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