Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Felt Shooting Stars Tutorial!

Here's a super sweet craft for the wee folk in your life.  Shooting stars!
I know my stockings are going to be stuffed with shooting stars...my girls just LOVE anything that has ribbons, (especially in rainbow hues), attached to it!

So here's how you can make one of your own...
You will need:
wool felt (yes use wool felt...it holds up so much better than cheapy felt)!

First cut out 2 stars...if you don't want to free hand your star just google "star templates"...you'll find printable templates in every shape and size.
Then cut your ribbon into 3 ft lengths...we did rainbow ribbon on ours, but you can use whatever colour(s) you wish!

Starting in the middle of 2 points start sewing your way around...I recommend using a blanket stitch, only because it makes your end project look neater.  I typically also split my embroidery floss and use 2 strands at a time.
Sew until you get to the last point...leaving a gap to stuff.
Using a pencil or knitting needle, stuff stuffing into all of the points of the star...then fold your ribbon in half and sandwich in your ribbon in between the felt...you can hold it in place with a pin, or just use your fingers.

I sew through a few strands of the ribbon just to attach it in place, (using blanket stitch)...tie it off and you're finished.  
If you're a pretty good sewer it should take you about 10 minutes from start to finish!

Now toss to an adoring child and have fun! 

xo maureen


  1. oooh! i love it. if only it wasn't so hard to get my hands on some felt and ribbon here....

  2. We've been on something of a star-themed crafting kick at our home lately, so these are a perfect fit! I love your idea of using them as stocking stuffers.

    Blessings and starlight...

  3. so sweet and so simple!! thank you once again for the wonderful inspiration!

  4. Fun idea. I've made something similar, but stuffed it with wool and beans, so that it was more of a bean bag. Also I only had one wide ribbon. Maybe it wasn't that similar! Maybe I could get away with your version as a stocking filler.

  5. We made your rainbow flower wreaths yesterday and I think, as soon as our felt order arrives, we'll be making these! What a great excuse to go buy great handfuls of ribbons!

  6. I will follow you from Italy and I want to always make you my compliments, you are very good, are magic!

  7. What fun ! We have loved shooting stars for quite sometime now ... the children use them everyday at dayhome --i have been planning a post on these for Friday to show our variations on them... i will link back to you as well.... lovely .....
    much light and peace to you

  8. The kids made these last year at a Waldorf festival, and they were such a huge hit. Wonderful to have a tutorial to refer to in the future.

  9. thank you. I made one at once and left it on stairs. can't wait for my son to find it in the morning. he is convinced that a fairy named "rabarbara" brings him gifts like this one

  10. Oh, this is just perfect for my two young ones - I think I may put some beans in them for a bit of weight. Thanks so much for sharing.

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