Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beckoning The Fairies...

In our love for the fairies, we were inspired to create a little home for them... with high hopes that they felt so welcome that they decide to stay!

With magic in the air, we set off into the fairy filled hills and forests to collect our fairy garden supplies.
We found and dug up some delicate mosses, a baby maple tree, little fairy flowers, sage and grasses.
We lovingly transplanted them into a big pot of soil, watered our new garden and then began to dream up how we could make it a home.

We crafted and arranged until we wanted to move in ourselves!
Let's take you on a tour...
We offered them 
 A (shell) pool of water for them to swim and cool off in...

 little toadstools and a wee ladder for them to climb up and sit with the robin eggs.

A living room set for tea...

and a crystal cave, with a roaring fire and two stone chairs, for them to warm themselves at.

A little sink for washing...

and a wishing well to wish at.

An acorn swing in a pussy willow tree and yellow flower moss in a walnut shell, to help them feel right at home.

For the fairy babies we made a walnut cradle. We lined it with pussy willows and asked their bee friends to be the baby guardians.

We made an acorn mail box and wrote a teeny tiny letter to await their arrival.

We  found & planted them some wild strawberries and gave them a wee wagon to pull their juicy treats in.

We "planted" some puff trees we made for them (dandelion clocks, preserved on twigs), thinking these seemed to come from the fairy realm. 

We made them a cozy bed with pussy willow pillows and a feather birchbark blanket...

and just incase they felt so at home that more babies came, we also made a little milkpod cradle....

and walnut, dragonfly cradle to await the babes.

A  little lamp to light up a birchbark book full of magical stories.

A little cove of flowers and a butterfly friend.

Finally, we set them a table of flowers and nectar...

 hoping they would soon be gathered here together.

We stay close by our fairy garden and watch for signs of their approval and presence. Many butterflies, dragonflies and bees seem to enjoy hovering and hanging out amidst their new little home ~ we like to imagine that this is a sure sign that the fairies are here and have come to stay.
We are linking up our fairy garden with the other fairy lovers out there, over at the Magic Onions. Head on over and check out all the fairy love!
Thank you for taking the time to tour with us, on our fairy home creating adventure.
*Fairy dust to all * 



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