Friday, February 28, 2014

From the Archives...Mardis Gras Masks

Here's a craft from awhile back…MARDIS GRAS MASKS!!!!

With Mardis Gras around the corner, we thought we'd pull this one out of the archives…
it's such a fun way to celebrate!
Click on the photo above to go see the FULL tutorial!!

Wishing you all a safe and WONDERFUL weekend!  


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Milkweed Pod Flowers

We are beginning to get a little hungry for spring over here. To tide us over in this last leg of winter, we decided to make some flowers. Milkweed pods are so lovely to work with and are one of the last  nature crafting bits still visible above the snow! 
I geared this craft to be doable by little hands (as well as big!). I tend to be a little glue gun happy but thought I'd branch out and create a nature craft that doesn't require any high heat dangers!

Here's what you need

white modeling clay
milkweed pods
milkweed stem
dried berries if you choose

To create..
Gather your milkweed pods.

Flatten a small circular disk out of modeling clay... 

and wrap it around your pod.

Attach your pods by squeezing them together.

Roll the clay in your hands to make a little flower center and press it on.

Gather up some dried berries if you have them, or any bits of nature you want to press in the center.

Press your bits of beauty into the flower.

Press your milkweed pod stem into the back of the flower and add a bit more modeling clay to attach.

Place your flowers around the home....  as plant pokes, in a vase or as to give as gifts to brighten up the last stint of our winter days!

For the love of flowers,


Monday, February 24, 2014

Rainbow Headbands for St Patty's Day

When you are five years old EVERYTHING is beautiful!!
I made these cute and simple headbands for Matilda and her best friend…
they were well received with comments of "oh my gosh…those are SOOOO beautiful!"

To make your own you will need:
ribbon in rainbow colours
glue gun and glue

Step one, (on left), run a line of glue on your headband with the glue gun
Step two, (middle), start wrapping your ribbon round and round
Step three, (on right), change colours to make a rainbow!!

Step four, (on left), admire your creation
Step five, (middle), cut out your shamrocks out of felt…if I don't know how to make a shape, I always use "google images"…type in shamrock template…you'll get loads of options!
Step six, (on right), glue it onto your headband with your glue gun

Last step…enjoy the reaction of your favourite "wee folk"!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birch Bark Fairy House

A little love for the fairies...

home sweet home.

Here is a simple way to create a fairy house for your fairy garden, nature table or for play in the home.

To make one you will need
birch bark 
pine cone
acorn cap
small jar
ever lasting flowers (optional)
glue (I used a glue gun but I think that wood glue and gentle hands would work well too)

To begin

Cut a strip of birch bark and soak it in water to soften.
Wrap it around your jar and secure with elastics. 
Leave it overnight or until dry.

Remove it from the jar and glue together to make
 the base of your home.

Cut out a circle of birch bark and then cut out a pie piece shape. The bigger the piece, the more pointed your roof will be.

Glue the opening back together and you have a roof!

Cut out a door and glue your roof on.

To shingle your roof, cut a pine cone apart until you have a small pile of pine cone scales.

Glue your pine cone scales onto the roof in layers of circles.

Top it off with a acorn cap....

 and embellish with flowers if you are inspired. 

There you have it! A home for the fairies.

Now we await their arrival and hope that they enjoy their new abode.

Do you have any favorite fairy house creations? We always love new fairy inspiration!

For the love of fairies,

Monday, February 17, 2014

We're this weeks Crafty Superstars!!!

Head on over to Cut Out and Keep where we're being featured this week as their

Thank you for all your support and LOVE!  


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Borax Bejeweled Bits Of Nature

On my walks I am often drawn to gathering bits of beauty that cross my path and carrying home an arm load (and pockets full!) of natures gifts. My girls have joined in on this pleasure and together we keep our vases, nature table, baskets, jars... (you get the idea ;) full.
The collecting doesn't seem to end in winter. There is still so much beauty peeking out of the snow ~ milkweed, Queen Anne's Lace, berries, branches... a bounty of natures gifts!
Inspired by the borax snowflakes, I thought we might combine our love of nature with our love crystals and see what happens!
  We were truly delighted by the outcome. 
Mother nature being the true artist!

Here's how simple it is.

To create you will need
seed pods, branches, dried grass, berries, pine cones... any bits of nature that call to you

*Borax is a laundry booster and is labeled *all natural* but please use caution when working with children. Have the adult or teacher handle the borax and work in a ventilated room just to be safe*

To begin gather your bits of nature.

Put your water on to boil.
Then place your borax into your jar (3 Tbsp for each cup of water).
Add your boiled (measured) water and stir until dissolved.

Submerse your bits of nature into the jar and let sit. 
The longer you leave them the larger the crystals will grow.
We just kept peeking at ours (every couple hours) until we had the size of crystals we desired.
When they are ready, gently remove them from the water and lay to dry.
Be sure to handle the pieces with care, as the crystals are quite fragile.

We were enchanted with their shimmering crystals.

Each one beautiful in their own way.

I think one of our favorites was this coneflower seed head. The girls were convinced it was now a wand for a very lucky fairy.

Perhaps an acorn hat for the fairy too!

The berries looked as though they had been frost kissed

and the grass sparkled and glittered in the sun.

The crystals hung so delicately on Queen Anne's Lace skeleton.

The milkweed pods were lovely all bejeweled.

With each piece we marveled.

We placed a bouquet of these jewel glazed beauties our table. Just the right bit of glittering magic to brighten these cold winter days. 

We also lay some on our nature table with King and Queen (and baby) winter to keep them company. 
I think we are hooked!

 A very HAPPY VALENTINES to one and all. May your day over flow with all things LOVE!




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