Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fairy Garden Den

Deep in the hills of Killaloe, nested amongst a bountiful fairy garden... lives a fairy den. 

Come take a peek with me....

The fairy kitchen...

with the stove burning bright with bubbling delights.

All of their treasures collected from their many forest and field journeys, sitting in little acorn cap bowls on their pantry shelf. Stars from the sea, feathers and snails to adorn their home. A queen Anne's lace and maple leaf hearth rug to sit upon. 

Flowers and herbs hanging to toss into their magical brews. A shell spoon ready for the stirring. 

 Wee bark chairs and a turtle shell table atop a daffodil rug... ready to serve fellow fairies some enchanted refreshements.

A Moss covered ladder to carry them up to their bark loft.

A dragonfly sitting quietly by.

A cozy spot to drink tea and soak up the fae wonder...

while the butterflies and dragonflies flit about the flower filled walls. 

A daisy rug, a vase full of flowers, a tiny bit of knitting... all awaiting. 

A hot cup of tea and a little birch bark book with a a monarch perched upon their acorn cap basket of flowers.

The bird's nest and rose petal chair filled with dandelion fluff.

 A quiet stillness... are they here?

High up on the loft rests the fairy bed, bath and vanity.

The canopy bed is laid with silk and feathers with a rose peal pillow filled with moss. 

Lanterns hang to keep it all alit. 

A shell and bark vanity with a snail shell of flowers.

 Flowers all around.

Magic flowing freely.

 With many a fine friend to share in the beauty.

Thank you for joining me. Hope you soaked up some delicious fairy magic. 
Do you think they are here?


Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Moon Kit

Both Shanti and myself have tween girls in the midst.  Inevitably, this means that "moon time" or "menstruation" is looming on the horizon.  

Enter the First Moon Kit!!

I remember getting my period at age 12…my mother had talked about it a little bit, about finding blood "down there", and thinking she was bleeding to death, running to her own mother to tell her, (and subsequently having her mother laugh at her).  
Still…we only had one conversation about it, and it was never spoken of again…except for what I read in Judy Bloom books.  
I got mine at a friends house, and I remember feeling such fear.  I told my friend I was sick and needed to call my mom to come and get me.  It was, (horrifyingly), my father who went out and bought me a JUMBO box of no name pads, (that came in one size…BULK)!!!  I felt so embarrassed, and the subject of this was never brought up again in my home.

For my own daughters I don't want them to feel any embarrassment or shame when their own moon time comes.  
I'd like to find a way to honour this transition into womanhood, without too much fanfare, (as my eldest is a bit private about such things).  
So, my thoughts came to making a "First Moon Kit"…
something special to have on hand for when that day arrives.
This is what I've come up with so far...

First thing…this book found HERE
This is the most incredible book for young girls about to enter their moontime.
Lucy speaks about menstruation in such a positive light, and offers such great wisdom.
Every mother of a tween age girl should have this book on hand.
(Lucy is also the author of "The Rainbow Way"…she's an amazing lady).

And then…the bulk of the kit…
organic pads and intimate wipes.
(these could also be reusable cloth pads…menstrual cups.)
Before getting this, have a talk with your daughter about what she might like to use and have those things on hand.

A dear friend told me that her own mother gave her bubble bath when she got her first period, 
so I added some bubble bath and organic dark chocolate.

Raspberry Leaf tea, and moonstone earrings.
The earrings will be her first piece of fine jewellery.

Some other suggestions made by friends are…

Hylands homeopathic menstrual cramp remedy
A journal and a pen
New Moon magazine
Clary Sage, Lavendar and other Essential Oils
Rice Bag
Permission slips to cry or be unreasonable
Cozy slippers
Lip Balm and other pampering items

I love that I will have all these wonderful "gifts" for whenever this day arrives.
All of the things I bought will "keep" in the closet for a year or two with no issues.

Would love to hear your stories…wisdom…or suggestions for those of us entering this phase in our mothering adventures!

With love and light




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