Monday, September 30, 2013

Simple Autumn Leaf Crowns!

While out under my mighty Oak tree in the yard we were inspired to crown an Autumn Queen!!  

If you recall many many years ago, (when Matilda was almost a year old), we made LEAF CROWNS!!  These were made with the green green leaves of summer, but it also translates so well to Autumn leaves.  

Follow the tutorial here, but use the beautiful, vibrant leaves of Autumn to build a simple crown that will inspire hours of imaginative play!

Also visit dear Shanti's beautiful Autumn crown creations here

Errrr...I think it's fair to say we all know who the pint sized Queen of this castle is!

Happy Autumn!


  1. Hey Maureen! I am glad you and your pint-sized Queen are here.
    Happy days.

  2. So lovely! Lola and I will be doing a little fall crafting of our own soon, with the chestnuts we found at the park. Have a beautiful day, my dear!

  3. HOW did I miss this? Thank goodness Mrs, Knitty-Gritty pointed me in the right direction. I'd hate to miss those gorgeous blue eyes! And such an adorable crown with a stunning jewel of a leaf.

  4. Found your blog today and loved it! My children were in the Waldorf kindergarten when they were young. So your blog reminds me of their childhood and of the lovely nature things we did together.

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