About us...


Mama to 2 beautiful girls, (ages 5 & 10).  
I'm fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of Eastern Ontario Canada, 
where we experience 4 distinct seasons.  
Crafting supplies and inspiration are in abundance, 
(and my pockets are usually bulging with acorn caps and pinecones).
A recovering homeschool mom who is continually searching for 
BALANCE, bliss and the next creative project!
I value simplicity in crafting and try to craft using as many natural materials as possible.
I have a tiny homestead, (on 1/2 acre), which I'm continually improving upon…
I believe in sustainability, simplicity and being neighbourly!
So glad you've dropped by!


Mama of two bright lights ~  Luna who is eleven and Solana who is eight ~ both who bring me so much joy and continually teach me on this life journey.
Grateful to be married to my childhood sweetheart for the last 14 years and to be living amidst the beauty of rural Ontario.
I love going for walks to soak up the natural splendor of the seasons as they unfold and photographing, as well as nature collecting for crafts along the way. Nature is my biggest inspiration in creation. 
Beauty is the passion that fuels my life ~ observing it with gratitude, creating it, documenting it and sharing it!
Happy to have this space to inspire me and keep me motivated in this process of artistic expression. 
Thank you for joining us!



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