Thursday, February 17, 2011

kiddie pen pal club!

So here's my idea. 
 I remember as a child there were all sorts of pen pal clubs to join, and I loved to write letters, so I joined them all!  I had pen pals from all over the world, and it was a great way to learn about different parts of the world, and I mean, nothing comes close to the thrill of getting a letter in the mail when you're a child.

So...I'd like to start a Twig and Toadstool kiddie pen pal club. 
This will be a one time sign I'm going to give folks a week to sign up if you're interested.
Let me know your children's ages, and where in the world you are...and leave me an e-mail address, leave it in our comment section under this post.
If you'd like more than one pen pal, please mention that as well.
*Sign ups will be closed on Friday February 25th.
I'm going to play pen pal matchmaker for the kiddies and then let the letter writing fun begin!

I'll send everyone an e-mail in a few weeks with your pen pal match...and then it will be your job to contact that person for a physical address. 

My reason for doing this...for one I've been inspired by our friend Julie over at The Letter Writing Revolution, she helped me remember the JOY of letter writing.
I also just imagine the look on our children's faces as they receive mail from a new friend from somewhere in this great big world of ours...simply magic!

Here's to the start of something wonderful!
xo maureen

I've "just" been able to match up all the kids.
Thanks to all who signed up.



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