Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lady Love (& Babe!)

In honor of Valentines and sweet love I was inspired to create
~ Queen Love ~
She lovely and sturdy for little hands, ready to spread her lovin' magic.
If the inspiration hits, here's how it goes...

(As a prelude to this tutorial I must apologize for the quality of the "how to" photos ~ They were taken  while my husband and I were on the road during a crazy blizzard! Creating this doll was the one thing that kept me from freaking out during the white out/slippery conditions. My husband managed to keep us safe, while I kept telling myself just look down and sew...
Needless to say the photos were taken in a moving car, on my lap. 
 Crafting... once again helps keep me sane!)

To create these you will need
a wooden doll pin
red pipe cleaner
red & pink felt ~ 
 acorn tops
a doll pin stand
a small wooden bead
embroidery floss
a glue gun

To begin wrap your pipe cleaner around the body (twisting it once in the back to hold better) and trim your arms to the length you desire.

Cut out a rectangle (double the length of the body) out of your felt and fold in half.
Draw what ever shape you would like for your dress and cut out. Remember to leave the top folded and mostly uncut. 
Cut a small hole for the head.
(this is a photo of it cut and unfolded)

You can then stitch a small heart onto the front of her dress if you choose.

Next slide on the dress and with your glue gun ~ glue down the sides and the sleeve bottoms.

For your skirt sew (blanket stitch) hearts onto a piece of felt. Next cut around the outside of your hearts and cut a small hole in the center to slide the body into.

 Glue on some roving for her hair and an acorn cap to top her off.
There she is!

Queen love had so much love I decided she need a wee one to pour all that love into!

To create the babe
Take a small piece of pipe cleaner and attach to a wooden bead. Sew two felt hearts together (you can also blanket stitch on a smaller heart onto the front) ~ leaving a space open at the top. Stuff with roving and then slide your pipe cleaner/head through the top. Sew up the opening around the head. Glue on an acorn cap. 

Voila ~ Baby Love!

~ Sweet sweet love ~

May love inspire and transpire in your world
~ Shanti ~


  1. Fantastic valentine crafts! Love the new look of the blog.

  2. I've been having lots of fun creating with felt lately and also have those pegs at home, so I'll be making these over the weekend. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. This is such a cute craft for valentine's day :) I just pulled out my felt stash yesterday and I think I may have to make one of these now to :) Happy creative Friday :)

  4. DIVINE!! This is what we are going to do this weekend for sure!!! Love it!

  5. So cute! I love, love crafts with acorn hats. The baby love is especially sweet...

  6. wow! she's great. i have to post what i've been working on. we could open up shop together.. my things match yours. (of course the theme is also valentines....) be back soon...

  7. Oh! how beautiful. Thanks for posting the directions.

  8. Fantastic crafts. And your ice sun catcher in your header is simply inspired. Thanks for a beautiful blog.

  9. Shanti, you never cease to amaze me!! I can't believe you actually made that while driving through that crazy snowstorm. I would probably have been knitting...I'm so much less of a "backseat driver" when my hands, and head are engaged in crafting. :)

  10. I can't get over the baby. So cute. My ladies and I need to make one today. Maybe a wooden clothespin will work, and we have a bunch of felt. Thanks.

  11. She is so beautiful! I can just picture you in the car, creating this lovely lady to keep you sane. Have a wonderful weekend!

    p.s. Thank you for the tip on using a cookie cutter to create a potato stamp. Works wonders!

  12. These are fabulous. Made me smile. Just wish I had the supplies to make them for my littlest. Sometimes not living near a craft store is a real bummer.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  13. How you managed to do this and take photos while riding in a car, I will never understand, but I am glad you made it back home safe and sound. You do hear of people getting lost in blizzards.
    Lady Queen Love and Babe are quite the smart set in their Valentine finery.
    I strolled through your blog enjoying looking at all the things that you have crafted. You are very creative and I love seeing the children included.
    One of the things that caught my was your ice candles. Loved them. Curious how long they will last with a candle burning in the middle - perhaps it depends on how cold it is outside.
    They are beautiful.

  14. Adorable! I especially love the little baby!


  15. Mya... Well not sure where you live but for us here in ontario canada it has been frigid cold winter for the most part! Seems the ice candles last a long time if you only use tealights and the temp. stays quite cold. Regardless though, even for one night to line your walkway for a gathering they are worth it! Simple to create and lovely to see flicker in the night.
    much love

  16. this is fabulous and I can't believe the photos were taken under such duress - well done and thanks for sharing.

  17. Yeah, Baby Love got me too. Such a happy, beautiful, loving pair!


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