Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fairy Garden Den

Deep in the hills of Killaloe, nested amongst a bountiful fairy garden... lives a fairy den. 

Come take a peek with me....

The fairy kitchen...

with the stove burning bright with bubbling delights.

All of their treasures collected from their many forest and field journeys, sitting in little acorn cap bowls on their pantry shelf. Stars from the sea, feathers and snails to adorn their home. A queen Anne's lace and maple leaf hearth rug to sit upon. 

Flowers and herbs hanging to toss into their magical brews. A shell spoon ready for the stirring. 

 Wee bark chairs and a turtle shell table atop a daffodil rug... ready to serve fellow fairies some enchanted refreshements.

A Moss covered ladder to carry them up to their bark loft.

A dragonfly sitting quietly by.

A cozy spot to drink tea and soak up the fae wonder...

while the butterflies and dragonflies flit about the flower filled walls. 

A daisy rug, a vase full of flowers, a tiny bit of knitting... all awaiting. 

A hot cup of tea and a little birch bark book with a a monarch perched upon their acorn cap basket of flowers.

The bird's nest and rose petal chair filled with dandelion fluff.

 A quiet stillness... are they here?

High up on the loft rests the fairy bed, bath and vanity.

The canopy bed is laid with silk and feathers with a rose peal pillow filled with moss. 

Lanterns hang to keep it all alit. 

A shell and bark vanity with a snail shell of flowers.

 Flowers all around.

Magic flowing freely.

 With many a fine friend to share in the beauty.

Thank you for joining me. Hope you soaked up some delicious fairy magic. 
Do you think they are here?



  1. How wonderful! I hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea a bit and create a fairy room of my own. I made a house and yard for my garden fairies, but I've only imagined the inside. Yours is so inspiring!

  2. I see them! they are definitely there - you have made them the most beautiful home - I only wish I was small enough to squeeze in and join them.

  3. Super creative and so fun! Love the bathtub, the sofa and the fireplace!!

  4. Oh it's just gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. Just love all this fairy garden fun! What a beautiful and magical space you have created! Thank you for sharing. Now I am inspired to go make my own again!

  6. I am sure no self-respecting fairy could fail to come and visit such a beautiful place :)

  7. Wow... Wow....this is the greatest Fairy Garden Fairy House I have ever seen! I think it should go down in some Fairy Hall Of Fame action or something!! WOW! Just wow...

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