Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birch Bark Basket

Last fall I spent many an afternoon walking in the woods with my girls on the hunt for birch bark from fallen trees. I had big plans to do some serious birch bark crafting over the long winter... 
My high hopes didn't make it that far though ~ I did make a birch bark costume for halloween but that was about it!

 I decided it was time to use up some of my collection and thought attempting a basket might be just the project.
This was a quick craft with very little supplies needed
birch bark
glue gun

 To begin you can follow this simple patten I found. 
After you figure out your dimensions...
Draw out your lines.
Cut where you see here (so hard to describe these things ~ thank goodness for pictures!)

Fold your birch bark on all the lines.

Glue together.

Add moss on the edges by laying down a line of glue and squeezing it on.

Cut a strip of bark for your handle and glue on.

Fill your basket with moss, grass, straw... and there you go ~ a sweet little basket to put Easter delights in!

In the last couple of months we have been graced by a new family member...
Stella (actually now skylar as we just realized he is a male! sold to us as a female...oops)
He is a well loved little guy that Luna saved up many many allowances to buy!
We're thinking he's in with the Easter bunny and might even help him out this year ; )

 A wee wonderful pet that we have all fallen in love with.
(I actually recommend these little guys as pets... quiet, litter trainable, cuddly and just so darn cute!)

Wishing you beauty in every step
~ Shanti ~


  1. Beautiful!
    On my daily walks I see some really beautiful birch bark trees, now I am going to have to go see if there is some one the ground. LOVE this idea and your napkin rings idea too.
    You girls are so full of inspiration and crafty goodness!! Thanks so much.

    Oona Nicholas

  2. Beautiful basket, beautiful girl, beautiful bunny! Check out his hair!! I miss my bunnies, and my daughter just started asking for one but my husband swears we can never get any more pets, lol (we have two very high maintenance cats).

    Enjoy your bunny! (and your basket :)

  3. what an amazing material birch bark is I'll have to keep a look out for it in future.

  4. That is fabulous! I now need to find a birch tree and watch for scraps to fall.

  5. That Bunny looks sooooo cute!
    The mop of hair on its head looks
    ilke you could plait it.
    X Angela

  6. I love this basket (and your blog) I cant wait to go foraging for some birch bark! Thanks : )

  7. Oh, I just love these. Thank you for sharing.
    Warm wishes,

  8. What beautiful little baskets! Wish we we had birch trees around here... I think we are a bit too far south!

  9. So sweet.. love the basket.. also wondering, what breed bunny is that? We're right now in the process of getting some, but haven't one hundred percent settled on the breed. (BTW, it's not an EB (easter bunny) we're getting, but a pet that my son has wished for since he was way little.

  10. oh my, what sort of bunny is that? i think i just fell down a rabbit hole...

  11. Monika and Jules... It is a lionhead lop bunny. They are said to be (and ours seems to be) Very laid back, easy to house train, with a great temperament.
    I never would have really thought about a bunny for a pet for us but it has worked out so well.

  12. Oooh! I wonder if I've any birch bark around to make some of these. Me thinks I see a field trip coming on.........

  13. LOVE that basket. Thank you for sharing the pattern. When we gather birch bark to make little canoes for the boys I'll want to try making a basket for me.

  14. That basket turned out absolutely GORGEOUS, Shanti! Nice job. :)

  15. some kind of seriously cute going on over at your place! We just picked up a bunch of birch bark on a nature walk the other day...hmmmmmm

  16. This is just gorgeous!!!!!! Beautiful pics too. Especially that last with your little one and the bunny! Adorable!

  17. skylar is such a cute bunny. Luna most of really wanted him if she saved up all her allowance for him. Will I guess she originally wanted a her but she still loves him.


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