Monday, April 21, 2014

Why I'll take imperfection anytime!

This is my little family…trying to take a "nice", (yes, I'm gonna put that in quotation marks),
 picture of us all together. 
 As I'm scrolling through all our photos of Easter time, there is not one picture perfect picture of MY family…but, this delightfully imperfect one…you gotta admit…it's much more entertaining…and heck, if I'll allow myself to admit it out loud…it's much more US!

This is the "pallet" that the delivery driver dropped off with some flooring…
it's been sitting outside for weeks now…have I found the time to get rid of it yet…
Does my daughter care…not at all…in fact she's decided that if she lays her booster seat on it just so, it becomes a rocket ship to the moon…SHE'S GOING TO THE MOON on my trash!!!
My procrastination inspired a moon trip…insert check mark here.

And here is my upstairs…I had a BIG wake up call when I cleared out a corner of my room and the contents of that corner FILLED an entire other room!!!!  
This wake up call has allowed me the opportunity to "give stuff away"…I feel like it's my karmic work…I've let go of dressers, desks, cabinets, craft supplies, vintage this and that, 
(that I will never ever use).  
I've make lots of people happy with my former stuff, and it's been such an experience of both growth and letting go!
In the housekeeping department, it should be obvious…I'm a work in progress.

Nope…we will NEVER be one of those "picture perfect" families.  You would think it's all gnomes and toadstools and fairy dust over here, but errr…not quite! 

It's taken me years to get over my quest for "perfect"…it used to be something I'd wear like a front, (or something I actually thought was attainable),
 if only I could paint my walls a certain colour and wear the right clothes,
 or buy the right toys I'd find it.  
I'd even judge people who didn't quite fit into my vision of what that would be, 
I'd look down on people too.
I've come to realize that my previous ideals made people feel badly about themselves, and really who the heck am I to judge?!

Behind all my former ideals there is this family…
(we are one of those real families…the ones that you will never ever see in a magazine, 
unless of course it's a "what not to do" article!)

today my 5 year old looked on my table and declared she "LOVED the PISSY willows" I had put in a vase…my eldest and I fell on the floor laughing…yes, before I corrected her I had to have a good belly laugh...and you know what, the joy…the laughter…the sums us up perfectly!

Let us unite in our imperfection and celebrate our delightful and imperfect lives!

Lots of love



  1. We are funny beings, aren't we...
    When did perfection trump happy?
    I love your family photo.

    1. Awww…thank you Karen! It's funny because I considered myself to be an "alternative type" person, but even at that I felt I was trying to attain some "ideal"…now I just accept us as we are, (and everyone else too)! My kids love zombies AND gnomes and I'm just going with it!! Lotsa love!!!!

  2. These *are* perfect pictures. There's something so adorably sweet about silly photos like these, and you have to admit they mean so much more than posed shots and awkward forced smiles.

    Glad you guys always have so much fun! ^-^ Happy belated Easter!

    1. I actually decided that these ones are wall worthy…they kinda look like one of those pictures where you are intentionally trying to make it look like chaos, but alas, just a day in the life ;)
      Here's to fun! CHEERS!!

  3. My therapist once said: perfection is aggression towards reality.... Apart from that: it's not much fun! :) I simply love your blog!
    Hello from Germany :)

    1. Your therapist is bang on! I'm working on the "radical self acceptance" phase of my life…so far so good! So lovely to "meet" you! xo

  4. Totally relate to this post. I spent my 20's and some of my 30's trying to attain "perfection" So much wasted time and energy! Mid 30's through today...I have found the real us, and it is perfect in all its imperfect messiness. Thank you for posting this.

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