Fairy & Gnome

Rainbow Fairies

Flower Fairies

Love Gnomes

Pinecone Love Fairy

Woodland Fairy Folk

Beckoning the Fairies, (fairy house)

Fairy Tea Set

Gnome shirt

Birch Bark Fairy House

Gnome Couple

Shell Fairies

Nature inspired Fairy Party

Spring Fairy

Poppy the Colourful Mess Fairy

Fairy Ring

Twig Gnomes

Blossom Fairies


  1. I am SO inspired and ExCiTeD!!! Your projects are AWESOME...beautiful too! Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas and showing other moms (like me) that art truly IS all around---even in the midst of family chaos. :)

  2. How did you preserve the dandelions? I love all your ideas/makings..I keep just looking at it.


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