Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Fairy Week...Let's Make Fairy Houses and Honour Mother Earth!!!

Solana, peeking for fairies inside her house

The girls and I enjoyed a magikal day creating these enchanting fairy houses. In the journey of homeschooling there are times I find it hard to move away from being productive and just play! This was a wonderful opportunity for me to crouch down low and peer into the wee world of faries through their eyes...

We used natures bounty from all around and also used moss and other tidbits we had collected last year, just before the snow fell.  These fairy houses were actually created last year and then covered up with big pieces of bark for the winter. It was wonderful to uncover them this spring and freshen them up with some fine new furniture and fae decor. Luna has an entire family living in hers ~ Marigold, Clover and the twin babies Rosy and Posie.  We always quietly tiptoe and whisper when approaching their homes, so as to not scare them off. We are still awaiting a sneak peek one of these days....

Here is the inside of one of the houses...a couple of beds and some chairs...what more could a fairy need???

Here is a close up of Luna Rose's fairy beds and table...

Fairy houses are enchanting spaces that awaken a deep sense of wonder within...

Solana gathering more material, to make a soft place for the fairies to lie...

In whimsical imaginings...
~ Shanti~  

Please check out the book "Fairy Houses" by Tracy Kane
and the official Fairy Houses website HERE with info and guidelines for building your own Fairy House!!


  1. That top photo is so cool! We have that Fairy Houses book, and it is so inspiring. Thanks for this post, we'' be making some fairy houses this week for sure!

  2. I love how in the first photo, Solana's hair echoes the texture of the bark.

  3. Childhood Magic...I would love to see what your fairy houses would look like out in Miami...your landscape, (from your blog pictures), is so different from ours, and it looks like you would have some positively enchanting places to build fairy dwellings!!

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