Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Fairy Week...Let's Make a Fairy Ring!!!

A great way to invite fairies into your yard is to plant a ring of dainty flowers. 

All you need to make a fairy ring of your own is an assortment of delicate flowers.  The only flowers we could get at this time of the year, (when we still have frost at night), were violas and pansies.  These flowers are not only dainty, but hardy as well...oh, and they are edible to boot!

Find a space in your garden that feels positively enchanted, and plant your flowers...nice to have a good assortment of colour.  If you put something shiny and bright in the centre of your fairy ring like a brightly coloured stone, piece of beach glass, a penny, or shell it will help the fairies find your ring at night, (because that's when fairies dance!).  Alternately, or in addition, you can hang some crystals or ribbons from the trees, which is another way to get the fairies to have a visit.  Legend has it that if the fairies have visited your ring they will send you a little gift.  Perhaps a beautiful sunset, or a feather, the wind whistling through the trees...the next time you see or hear one of these things, remember, it just may be a gift from fairy folk!

Here is our finished fairy ring...with our toadstool in the middle.

Let's give those lovely little fairies some little rings to dance in the world over!!
Fairy Love
As a little bonus, this is a fantastic website that our friend Jen told us about during a long and cold winter...go here to print out and make some fairies of your very own, (they also have many other enchanting and delightful "jointed" dolls and animals to make!! 


  1. Thank you for sharing the ring.
    I can't wait to make my own !

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