Sunday, April 4, 2010

Butterfly Mobile...

In honor of our first butterfly sighting of the year, I decided that a butterfly mobile would be the perfect way to celebrate the emerging of our fluttery friends!

You will need a butterfly template which can be found HERE (I found this one doing a search for "printable butterfly templates...if you don't like it, then continue the search where I left off)

Origami paper, wrapping paper, anything with a colourful pattern, and also some solid coloured paper
The inside hoop of an embroidery hoop
Glue Stick

Cut out as many butterflies as you wish out of your patterned paper...using the template butterfly to trace around.  Cut out an equal amount of butterflies out of the solid coloured paper.

Cut your thread into various lengths...I did some 36 inches, some 20 inches...a nice variety of lengths is key.

Take your thread and patterned butterflies, tape the butterflies to the thread, on the backside of this, glue down a solid coloured butterfly...your thread will be sandwiched in between.  I left about 5 inches of space in between butterflies, but you decide how many you want per thread.

When  you have done as many butterflies as you wish, tie your thread onto your embroidery hoop at intervals.  Tie four lengths of thread to form a hanger, and hang!

Isn't it gorgeous??!!!  The perfect way to honour our butterfly friends...not to mention what a delightful home brightener!!!!

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  1. This is so uplifty and fabulous. I think Ill put one in the nursery Im fixing up for my little girl on the way <3 Thanks and good job!! I like your crafy ideas :) Im thinking I will corresponde the paper with your mod podge dresser Idea and shibammmm beautiful room.

  2. hi

    thanks for sharing the lovly idee
    ik make the butterflys too
    its make me smile
    on a raining day

  3. : thanks for sharing the lovely idee ik make the butterflies too its make me smile on a raining day

  4. It is gorgeous! I'll try to make it with my daughter tomorrow! Thanks!

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