Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Gardening Week...Let's Make Garden Markers...

It's another beautiful day at the Toadstool.  Today we're going to make some garden markers...our veggie garden is in desperate need of it.  I just dug up a bed that I had planted days ago...having forgotten completely that it was planted...oh my!  This was a craft born out of neccessity!

You will need:
medium sized rocks
weatherproof varnish, (I just use the stuff from the craft store)

To start...

First we used gesso and primed the rocks white. 

 Then we put on a solid coat of paint...wait for it to dry and...

Paint on your picture...we did ours in the style of alphabet cards...with a picture of the veggie and then the letter it starts with...we did it mainly because there wasn't room on our rocks to write the whole word, but I think the result is cute!

Paint on a coat or two of weatherproof varnish.
Stick in the garden and enjoy...and for fogetful mammas like myself, now you will remember what you have in there!!!  You could also do this for your flower beds, herb garden...whatever you darn well fancy!

Now...I've got to get back to my garden!!!!  Today the garden will get some tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, manure and a big ol dose of TLC!!!

Happy Gardening and Happy Crafting!
Maureen xo


  1. GREAT idea. I'm going to hunt for rocks...there are LOTS in my darn garden! Very cute pictures!! Esp. love the peas....well, the carrots are cute too...and the turnips. Well, theyr'e all sweet!! Did I mention my birthday is coming up? In February?

  2. What a lovely, simple idea. I seem to have a lot of bare soil, which will disappear under the plants, eventually. These pretty additions to the garden, would be great while I am waiting for it all to grow.

  3. I love these garden markers!!

  4. I have been thinking about this--- so awesome!

  5. Fantastic idea! What a fun touch to add to make your garden even more special :D Love it!

  6. We are going to be featuring your project as our craft of the week on Kid Kapers on Friday.


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