Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wool felt toadstool tutorial!!! forewarned that making these mushrooms is totally and completely addictive, I've made three of them since Sunday, and each one takes about 2 hours to has overtaken my craft time, I haven't knit a stitch, but oh...aren't they delightful!!!!

Get out your...
wool felt...yes...I am a bit of a purist when it comes to felt...use wool felt!!!  In whatever colour you love best...purple mushrooms???  orange???  green???? or the traditional red and white!!
sewing scissors
thread, (I just used white sewing thread)

The dimensions above are for a slightly bigger mushroom...just bring the size down if you want smaller, medium, or bring it up if you want a deluxe super large mushroom!!!  For the spots on top of the mushroom, just wing it...cut out smaller circles in a variety of sizes.  So here we go! 

Cut out the pieces you will need.  Begin by sewing on the smallish circles to the top of your toadstool.  I like using a blanket stitch to do all of the sewing, as it tends to come out looking more professional and neat!  After you sew the circles onto the top, start sewing on the bottom, white piece.  Leave a gap so you will be able to stuff it...

Now stuff the cap...get it pretty full, and finish sewing it up.
Now get the stem...the rectangular piece, fold it together and sew up the seam on the it all the way up.

Now connect the stem to the "cap" of the is a bit tricky, but you can do it!!!
(again I use a blanket stitch to do this)

Stuff your stem half - three quarters full of stuffing, and then use split peas, lentils or rice for the last bit...this is what will help your mushroom to stand upright!  Sew on the bottom piece...AND...

There you have it...a mushroom all of your own!!!!  Happy mushroom making!!!!!


  1. Yay! They are perfect. Thank you for this tutorial. The crafty things about our houses are going to be looking mighty similar :-)

  2. Oh, I'll be making some of these soon! Love them! Very good tutorial.

  3. yay! we'll be making these very soon!

  4. Ah. I was wondering which option you were going to use to make them stand up. The toadstools are beautiful. I like the way it is slightly wavy on the edges, like a mini-beast has nibbled it. I can see them among the bluebells.Good fun!

  5. I love these - I need these...My nature table needs updating. I am inspired now...

    Namaste, Nicole

  6. These are cute. Have you seen the toadstools made out old pots and pans that you can make into kid's garden seats or decorations for a child's garden spot??? I am making those and they are so whimsical. I love anything toadstool... and these have inspired me. I believe I WILL make the toadstool costume for my son. :)

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments! I hope to see many a toadstool gracing your homes!!! there anywhere on the net I can see a picture of the toadstools made of pots and pans???!!!! They sounds thrilling!! I was going to make a toadstool chair by fashioning a cap onto a log...there's a great tutorial on Martha Stewart! Let me know if you have a link for more toadstool goodness!!!! (I'm becoming a bit of a toadstool addict!!)

  8. I clipped it from a familyfun magazine years ago. I have searched online and cannot find the article or the exact craft anywhere... but it's super easy. You use any old pan (pizza, cake,etc.) or big pot or bowl that is wood or metal. Use indoor/outdoor acrylic paint and paint red. Paint white spots. Drill 3 holes in top of pan. Then get a log and screw the pan to the log. (textured bark makes them especially interesting) Bury the log several inches in the ground. I am almost finished w/ these which will be going in my daughter's sunflower house.

  9. I just love these! I'm linking to you on my blog linking party, and now I see that dresser in the side bar, which I love too! Do drop by yourself as well, would love to see you!

  10. love it. i saw your mushroom 'house' that you sent to cheryl on a that using this same pattern except cut out the door?

  11. Cute, Cute! They have darling little mushrooms just like these in my local Anthropologie store right now. I can't wait to make some for my Christmas decor. Great Blog!

  12. i just discovered your beautiful site ~ i'm going to make some toadstools for my little sweetie today ~ can't wait! thanks for sharing so many super inspiring crafts. i'm sure i'll visit your blog again and again!

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