Monday, November 29, 2010

Celebrating Advent...

This is the first season where we will be trying to celebrate a traditional advent.  I was raised Catholic and I remember this tradition with fondness...the lighting of the candles week after week leading up to Christmas, the nativity slowly coming to life, and the magic of this season.

Yesterday we had our last craft class at my house.  Beautiful mama Leslie brought along the advent calendar she used for her own children.  There are 25 pockets, and each felt piece lives in the pocket and emerges day by day.  I think this is just one of the loveliest Advent calendars I've seen.

on December 6th, there is St Nicholas...

and the Christ child for Christmas day!  

Here is our own Advent stick all wrapped up and ready to go...each package contains a sweet little present, lovingly handcrafted by mamma friends.   If you want to see some of the treasures inside you can head over to 

I think this was the BEST Advent Stick our craft skills continue to grow, and we share in our creativity...our children LOVE this Advent tradition, and it is our gift as friends to each other.  Each day one package gets ripped off the stick until Christmas day.

And lastly...mrs Knitty Gritty and I hosted our last craft class.  The choises were Rainbow Gnomes or a Nativity set.  Here are a few pictures of "works in progress" be honest I was so busy crafting my own Nativity set, I didn't have time to take many pictures...

Here are my wise more headpiece to go!  They were simple to make...peg people covered in colourful cloth, a cape and then crown or head wrap.

And here is Mary, Joseph and a shepherd.  Essentially made the same way as above, but with a longer headdress.  The head dress is made from a large oval of fabric,  do a gathering stitch in the shape of a circle and then gather it up...glue it on the head and that's it.  Hair and beard are wool roving.

I'm excited at the prospect of having a little Nativity set that is mama made!

If you require some guidance with your own Advent celebration, I'm going to direct you over to 
the Parenting Passageway...there are some great posts there to help get you started on your own Advent celebration.

'this the season of celebration and creating tradition!
xo maureen

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  1. Your advent sticks are such a lovely idea. The first two years I set up our family's advent countdown, I spent far too long thinking of 24 different objects. I've simplified it over the years. I love your idea of doing it collectively.

  2. love this. I am Catholic, and Advent is very important to me. Your ideas really add richness to our advent activities.

  3. I love Advent, and my daughter loves lighting the candles and having a special treat.

  4. Oh the beauty of Advent! I love the little nativity set with scraps of fabric. So much more appropriate than bold-coloured felt, I think! Thanks for the link, and just an invite to Molly to check out my blog. I am Catholic and an avid crafter, domestic-church fosterer and fun gal! Come on by for a visit if you please.

  5. Wow what a lovely idea! :-) Advent is really important to me, here in Sweden it is celebrated all over the country and everyone I know lights a candle each advent sunday... AND of course the calender is really important to every child in Sweden! So I really really love the idea of making this advent sticks!

    I'd like to welcome you all over to my blog to join in on making ornaments to decorate a great big cyber christmastree. :-)


  6. Oops forgot the url...
    Welcome to join the exhibition!

  7. Love the advent calendar. Very unique and very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful! I love the calendar. Your king and queen winter are so very pretty. Mary and Joseph to!

  9. Hi Maureen

    Another great day spent with you ladies. I finished my nativity set. Ella loves it and wants to make some 'dolls' herself. I should have bought a couple pegs from you.


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