Saturday, November 27, 2010

*Queen Winter* Found Love!

Queen Winter was wandering in the snowy woods when she came across a wonderous sight...

King Winter!

* It was love at first sight *

Their love expanded and burst forth as...

Babe Winter

Now the clan of winters is off in the snowy woodland in search of magical adventures...

Such fun! My girls love playing with the winter family ~ I'm not sure who loves it more though (them or me ; ) I always seem to get swept away with my fae creations as they come alive beneath my fingers!

~ To make these ~ 
Queen Winter instructions are here.
King Winter is basically the same except I cut him out a felt hooded cape and added some other embellishments.
Babe Winter is a pipe cleaner piece glued to a small acorn and then wrapped tightly with white roving.  Her sleigh is a milkweed pod stuffed with lots of milkweed fluff for cozy warmth.

From the clan of Winters and myself 
wishing you endless wonder.

~ Shanti ~ 


  1. Just Divine!
    I am feeling mighty inspired, and may attempt the Winter Family for our seasonal table this week.

  2. SO enchanting! Can I come over and play?

  3. magical and oh so inspiring...thanks for sharing

  4. Delightful, as always!! I think he's rather handsome, don't you??

  5. Wabi -Sabi I think perhaps a Queen Winter is heading to your home soon...
    Perhaps you can create a King Winter and babe to keep her company.

    Homestead girl...yes I do agree his regal handsomeness has me a little love struck ; )

  6. oo, and just in time for the snow. Or did they bring the snow? Do they shovel the snow? tee hee

  7. oooOOOOooo MUST MAKE IMMEDIATELY! Beautiful!

  8. So lovely, especially that wee babe!

  9. OH! OH! I am off to find my felt pronto.

  10. I linked you on my current post...thanks for the inspiration! Jamie

  11. That is so cute! Love the narrative...I want to come over and play!

  12. These are beautiful. Every year I think I'll make one of these and I haven't gotten to it yet. Yours are perfect.


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