Tuesday, November 23, 2010

*** Queen Winter ***

With winter solstice less than a month away, I decided to craft up a Fairy Winter Queen to spread her sparkle over our winter nature table!

To create these you will need
a wooden doll pin
white pipe cleaner
white felt
white roving
white tule
a white flower
an acorn top
a feather
a doll pin stand
a glue gun
and of course ~ some sparkle if you like!

To begin wrap your pipe cleaner around the body (twisting it once in the back to hold better) and trim your arms to the length you desire.

Cut out a rectangle (double the length of the body) out of your felt and fold in half.
Draw what ever shape you would like for your dress and cut out. Remember to leave the top folded and mostly uncut. 
Cut a small hole for the head.

With your glue gun ~ glue down the sides and the sleeve bottoms.

Draw a shape for your skirt and cut out. Next cut a small hole in the center...

and slide the body in.

The tule part is tricky (I ended up burning my fingers a couple times) basically you put some glue under the skirt at the top, gather your tule in folds and press down into the glue ~ trick I finally figured out ~ use something other than your fingers to push the tule into the glue ~ ouch!

Cut the petals off your flower and glue them in twos onto the back of your fairy.

Glue on your roving for hair and then your acorn top hat.

Then cut your feather to fit around the waist and glue it together in the back.

There she is!

King winter (is now done!) is in the works.... will share him soon too.

Also wanted to mention... these little dolls your kids can actually play with (unlike many of my other fae inspired creatures). She turned out quite sturdy and ready for little hands.

Hard to believe the snow will soon fly and leave us living blanketed in a sparkling white. I think I actually am looking forward to that after all the grey, colorless days we have been having ~ or
perhaps Queen Winter and thawed my resistance to the snowy season ; )

May Queen Winter spread her sparkle on you

~ Shanti ~


  1. she's gorgeous!! you made me gasp with the reality of the closeness of the solstice! eek!

  2. she is so beautiful! i was thinking of the solstice today and looking forward to our ancient redwood solstice walk this year. i think we'll have to make some faeries before we go!!

  3. What a sweet winter queen! I just am perplexed by the rapidly approaching wintertime! Our days here have been in the 60's and make it hard to think WINTER, but it is so close.


  4. What a beautiful winter queen. Might try and make one myself. Thanks for sharing.

  5. She's wonderful! I am thinking about sprucing up our nature table for winter too.

  6. so cute- such a great idea! I'll bet my 9 year old would love to make one of these. :)

  7. So pretty! Can't wait to see the King..."make way for the King"....LOL!

  8. She is lovely, what a beautiful little angel she is. I also have queen winter but no snow here in the tropics.

  9. what a pretty idea. I am sure I will make one, too.

  10. wow, she is so beautiful! I have no choice - I will become copycat....it`s your fault! :)

  11. Thank you for the instructions. Those angels are adorable.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  12. This would be a perfect day to bring out a little beauty Winter Queen as we woke to find our first dusting of snow in southern Indiana this morning. Sweet

  13. I adore your Fairy Winter Queen, I'm quite partial to little fairies!

  14. Gorgeous and a PERFECT start to the Solstice Advent! I will have to make one of these for my own little one!

  15. LOVE! I just made JAck Frost...and King winter is on my list, I never thought of a queen winter. Inspired! x

  16. She is beautiful - I can't imagine any child not wanting to play with her. x

  17. Wow! She is amazing! I am so inspired, I might have to get to work right now! : )

  18. her and her sweet king and babe are so lovely..

  19. Just wanted to say hi! Only just found your lovely blog, she is adorable I will attempt something similar for the top of my Christmas Tree I think.
    Kandi x

  20. you have a so wonderful blog,i love it !!!!!
    I wish you a happy weekend ,

  21. We made 22 of these adorable angels for Santa to give the granddaughters. Great fun!

  22. I think that the hat is a beautiful final touch.

  23. Okay i give up...what the HECK is a doll pin stand and what does one look like? I didnt see it in the picture of supplies and browsed to see if anyone else had already asked.

  24. Would you be able to explain a little bit more exactly how you did the King's cape/robe? i made the Queen but having a little trouble with the King. Really cute site!

  25. love you for this pattern, wow die wow I'm going to make her for me and my friends and family.
    Greatings from the Netherlands Ria

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