Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day of The Dead/All Souls Day Celebrations!

Today Maureen and I united our clans to celebrate the day of the dead/all souls day.
This is not something I have celebrated before but in learning about it I loved the idea of taking a day out of the year to honor and remember our loved ones that have passed. This morning we began our days festivities by creating an altar. The girls loved scurrying around collecting the photos of our loved ones. We talked about what the deceased had enjoyed in their life and then we added some of those items our table. 
Together we lit a candle and spent some time remembering, sharing and soaking in their beautiful, dearly missed faces. This was the first time I have had all them all looking at me at one time... it left me a little emotional and grateful for the gifts they had each offered to my life. 

Kneading the dough was fun... but playing with it was even more fun! 

Then we then headed over to the toadstool homestead....

 Where the girls each shaped their dough into a skull...

we baked it and I must say they came out looking much happier than when they went in!

We also made sweet little skeletons found over at Sewing Stars.

And inspired by one of our favourite blogs Moment to Moment, a place where we often find inspiration, we saw sweet skull necklaces.  We just painted ours, and will hang them from a string for over the nature table.
I think it would be nice to spend this week celebrating our loved ones.

After an afternoon of crafting, we ended with a slice of pan de muertos skull bread and Mexican hot chocolate, (we just added a pinch of cinnamon to the hot chocolate).  A lovely full day with the Twig and Toadstool clan!

In honor of all  loved ones who are no longer with us 

Shanti and Maureen xo 


  1. Dearest Maureen and Shanti - what a beautiful and heartfelt celebration. I debated whether or not to celebrate it with my girls, I chose not to because all their grandparents are alive (so very grateful for that). I did however light candles for friends that have passed.
    May your love ones fly high!
    Namaste, Nicole

  2. so very thoughtful....fantastic. I will have to remember this for next year! thank you:) and love to you both, beautiful girls:)

  3. I think you mean altar. Great idea no matter how it's spelled.

  4. We also celebrated dia de los muertos and had a great day!!

  5. Beautiful, Shanti and Maureen! My heart is with you! And our loved ones on the other side!

  6. lovely altar! we celebrate samhain every year. love your skulls!
    have a great week

  7. they came out so sweet.
    Thank you for the great compliment!!


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