Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pine Cone Skier

Today is a beautiful snowy day in my part of the world, so I have been inspired to share these festive pine cone skiers with you...

To create you will need

Embroidery floss
Pine cone
Pipe cleaner
Blue gun & glue

To begin wrap your pipe cleaner around your pine cone to create little arms

Cut out your  felt pieces ~ mittens, scarf, a rectangle (for your hat), feet and your circles for your ski poles.

Cut your skies out of birchbark

Wrap your felt around the acorn head, add a dab of glue and seal.

Tie your embroidery floss around the hat and knot.

Cut your tassels

Brush the scales with glue and sprinkle on your glitter 

Glue together

These fun folk shall be skiing down our tree and across our nature table all winter long.
As well, a wee warning ~ in the hands of a child they seem to zoom all over the house, up down and all around ~ who could resist ; )!

Wishing you warmth and wonder this season
~ Shanti ~


  1. So cute! We'll have to make some of these. :)

  2. Shanti,
    you are the Queen of making little delights! What great imagination. I remember doing these kinds of things in high school. Maybe I should follow you, let go and go back to that time.
    thanks for the inspiration

  3. Just beautiful. I can't think of a more perfect craft for our seasonal table. My two ski mad girls will love him (or her).

  4. Adorable!! I'm bookmarking this as a December/January craft to do with my girls -- This would be fun to do on a snowday!!


  5. So cute! We're planning to collect pine cones today in our summery part of the world. Perhaps we could use your tutorial to make pine cone people doing summery things - pine cone hikers perhaps!

  6. I can't wait for the kids to open up their sweet skier from the Advent Stick. It was those birch bark skis that totally got me. Birch called to the Finn in me :-)

    Blessings and light...

  7. My skier boy will love to make this! I'm so glad for all the cool things you make and post. Truly you inspire me!

  8. I love him its fab. you should add it to our blog hop


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