Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beautiful Paper Butterflies!

Here is a sweet and simple craft to bring some "Spring" into your home!
Inspired by the book All Year Round.

You'll need:
watercolour paper and paint
tissue paper
glue stick and scissors

First paint your paper in spring colours...let it dry.

Fold your paper in half and draw on a butterfly shape...

cut it out.

Turn it over and glue on some tissue paper over the "holes".

Now take a triangle of your watercolour paper...

roll it up and glue it onto the front of your butterfly, (this is the body).

Now hang them up in a bright sunny spot and enjoy this reminder that Spring is on her way!
Today was a cold and wintery day...I so needed this reminder that soon my soul will be nourished by Maiden Spring!! 

xox maureen


  1. Gorgeous! I am adding this to our list or March break activities! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love your crafts, so great! I'll be popping back often when my daughter gets into crafts.....eeekkkk i'm excited!

  3. They are beautiful. Love your new header too!

  4. Ha! Hazel all of a sudden was into butterflies this week.
    Something is in the air....

  5. Oh ... they most look so radiant with the sun shining in!!

  6. They look like stained glass. So pretty. Love your new header. Happy Friday!

  7. I love them! I find colored tissue paper a very magical material to use with children. We like to collage it with a brush and thinned glue. Maybe we should get it out and try it again soon. love, Beth

  8. Oh, these are just lovely!

    What a great way to bring a little Spring to these end of Winter days :-)

  9. Lovely! What I think our windows need some :)

  10. This is so whimsy and fun and would look FABULOUS in my kitchen....putting it on my list of spring crafts!!! Keep inspiring my friend!

  11. lovely! i love butterflies. will have to do this even if it's me doing most of the work... surely i can get E to watercolor..

  12. These are beautiful! They came out great! Thanks for sharing!

  13. anushka...this was a great craft to involve all the family in...even Matilda, (at 2) helped with the painting part...I did the cutting...and Ruby did the tissue paper! It was such a lovely family activity, as we're all longing for spring days right now!!
    xo maureen

  14. You inspire us! We have made your sweet little nests with blue eggs in (only using sea shells as nest because our acorn cups in Ireland seem much smaller than your American ones). We also made our one-year-old baby a butterfly mobile for her birthday this week instead of a card. Love the blossom fairy too. And still having fantasies about growing wheat grass to do that flower thing with.

    Thanks for the inspiration x

  15. They are so elegant! And they are definitely carrying a breezy banner that reads, "Spring is coming, spring is coming."

  16. These are so beautiful! Love the bright colours, just perfect for Spring! :)


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