Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wet Felting A Cradle For Our Blossom Baby

"spring is coming, spring is coming
birdies build your nest.
weave together straw and feather
doing each your best.

spring is coming, spring is coming
flowers are waking, too.
daisies, lilies, and daffodils
now are coming through.

spring is coming, spring is coming
all around is fair.
shimmer, glimmer on the meadow,
joy is everywhere."

Last year I remember seeing my first felted egg over at Childhood Magic's blog (still miss the gorgeousness she always had to share!) I thought to myself  "what a sweet idea for spring..."

She left me inspired to give it a go.  I have never felted before, so I was thrilled to see how it all worked and that it DID work!
I think I am hooked...
For any of you who have never felted ~ creating these wet felted eggs is simple, satisfying and definitely a do-able project (even for the little hands of your home).

Here is a simple tutorial 

You will need
An egg (we used a marble egg but plastic eggs work too)
Wool roving
Dish soap
Bowl of hot water
and patience!

Continue wrapping the egg until you can not see the egg any longer ~ the thicker the wool coat, the stronger your felted egg will be. 

Take your wrapped up egg and pour some dish soap onto it.

Now for the fun part!
 Immerse your egg into a bowl of very hot water. 
When it is all warm and soapy you can start to very gently rub the egg (the girls were giggling watching me pet the furry egg and tell it what a good egg it was ;)  and gently squeeze your soapy egg. Keep turning it in your hands ~ squeezing and rubbing... squeezing and rubbing (continually dipping into your hot soapy water) until you  start to feel the wool fibers binding together. Most importantly be gentle with your little egg so that the fibers keep together ~ if you get impatient and too rough it will start to fall apart.


After it has all begun to hold together nicely, it helps to roll your egg on a wash board or a bamboo mat for the felting to go a little quicker ~ roll for a bit and then put it back into hot water and roll some more...

Once you begin to feel the fibers felting around the egg, it is time to add the burst of color (if you wish!) Rip off small, wispy bits of roving and place them onto the egg in varying directions. Pour some soap onto the egg and repeat the same process of squeezing, patting, rubbing, rolling and dunking. What fun! I was so thrilled to see it come together. 
Grinning to myself ~ it works it works!

Now rinse out the soap.
Dip it into cold water to help strengthen and tighten the fibers.
Wrap it in a cloth, squeeze out the extra water and place it somewhere to dry.
 You have a felted egg ~ hurrah!

Once it is dry you can cut it open with sharp scissors ~  either how we did it (to make an egg cradle), straight across or in a cracked jagged line...

and let your little egg be birthed from her woolen world!

You can then blanket stitch around the openings (making it much more durable for play).

We decided this little egg was in need of someone to make a home of it ~ thus wee blossom baby appeared.
To create

Sew up a little triangular piece of felt for the hat. Glue it on ~ and Voila ~ Blossom baby!

We tucked her into her cradle

She got all cozy

and slipped off into her enchanted realms.

For now she is nestled warm in her wooly world until ...

lt is time to unwrap again!

 My girls seem to be smitten ~ open the cradle, button it down, pull her out, put her back in, unbutton...
as you can see this could go on and on...

Thinking more of these felted eggs shall be appearing in our home in the coming weeks!

Falling in love with felting
~ Shanti ~

P.S. If any of you seasoned felters out there have any extra tips or advice for our readers, by all means please share! 


  1. Oh wow ! today I was thinking how I should sew some felt eggs but I do not feel like sewing . I thought to myself how I'd love to make those felted eggs but I thought you need to do it with those needles ( that shows you how much I know about felting ;-) ) .
    I just came online before bed to check my blogger and saw your post !! I think I will try it with the boys but being 15yo & 10yo I think we will stuff them with chocolates for Easter instead of spring babies ☺ I really need more little girls around here mine are 29yo &25yo !
    Thanks so so much for posting I'll be back tomorrow to read the instructions again ☺

  2. very sweet Shanti, it make a beautiful cradle. I did something very similar last year with tiny chicks inside for many ideas, so little time!

  3. very lovely, thanks for sharing. x

  4. aw cute!! as I was reading I was thinking ooh what could I make to put inside the egg once its finished and then I scrolled down to see the little felted person, CUTE!!

  5. Super cute! I keep wanting to try wet felting but the rocks and balls I've seen in the past weren't that exciting to me, this is great!

  6. Dear Shanti,
    This is so beautiful! I have just shown your tutorial to my girls and we are going to give this a try later this afternoon. Now to find something egg shaped...
    xo xo and thank you,

  7. What a sweet idea to make your egg into a cradle for a blossom baby! I think my littlest ones might need one of these in thier Easter Baskets! Thanks so much for the tutorial and the great pictures.

  8. Yay! I'm wanting to get away from the store-boughts that fill out the sweeties in our Easter girlies will love these! The button is just darling. Did I miss a tutorial for that little blossom baby? Off to check your archives!

  9. I love this idea! I just need to find an egg that's suitable for felting around.

    I have a good tip for wet felting -- wearing rubber gloves helps you tolerate hotter water and helps the felting process go faster because of the friction.

    I wrote a post on wet felting tips a few months ago when I created my table runner for Thanksgiving:

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  10. I love the button! What a terrific idea.

  11. Thanks for sharing so many lovely ideas! There are so many new techniques I want to try now!

  12. I HAVE to try this! Any ideas of where I can get some wool roving?

  13. Great project! I'll certainly make an attempt to do this.

  14. What a sweet blossom baby! Definitely have to make her! Synchronicity - our Spring edition of JUNO has making a felt egg as our craft feature!

    Do stop by and grab a button and join the fun committing random acts of beauty! I am VERY chuffed to have FINALLY figured out how to make a button work - I feel very techno savvy!!

  15. I just recently became a subscriber, love your blog! I too do a little of wet felting but I am struggling to find the right wool, something like they show in the Magic Wool books. I use Corriedale rowing but the fibers are too long and strong, it is not easy to tear nice little pieces. Your wool looks better on the pictures. Which type do you use?

  16. this is beautiful! I'd love to share it on our store blog, if that's okay with you...


  17. do you know if you could use wooden eggs for wet felting?

  18. Our Jewel... I checked it out and it seems yes. Let me know how it goes!

    Cynthia... absolutely share away!

    Becky... Maureen still has roving for sale (I think)

    Kelly... Thanks for the great tip ~ my hands were like leather after felting!

  19. Steph... I shall add on to this post with a quick tutorial for the blossom baby.

    Julie... the roving I used was from Mercurius ~ hope that helps.

    Thank you all for your kind words!

  20. YES!!! we have 3 tupperware containers FULL of roving, (plus assorted garbage bags)!!!
    Please stop by if you need any...$2.50 per meter!
    xo maureen

  21. I am totally in love with the blossom baby. Oh my goodness! Cute.

  22. What an enchanting project! Your blossom baby is perfect.
    A tip...Casey's Wood Products sells lovely large wooden eggs that would be perfect for this project!

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  24. Absolutely beautiful and I will be try and make these....... thank you for the tutorial.

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