Monday, May 14, 2012

Acorn Toadstools!

Okay okay...I'm still pretty darn predictable!
My first craft post...and it would "have" to be a toadstool inspired something or other!
This craft woke me up from a sleep in the middle of the was my "eureka" moment of last week!!! 
Simple, fun and sweet...the perfect little craft in my opinion.

So to make your own you will need:
an assortment of acorns with caps
red paint
white paint
paint brushes (one should be a very fine brush for the spots)
glue gun

First of all pull the tops off your acorns...a nice variety of sizes works well...

Next find yourself a pint sized helper to paint the caps red...

If you're a perfectionist like me, you may want to paint the little white dots on yourself...use a very very small paintbrust for this...

Now go do something enchanting while you wait for these to dry...

Turn those acorn bottoms upside down...make sure they balance well and stay standing may want to sand them to help them stand better...

Get out your glue gun...put a generous dab on the inside of the acorn onto the tip of the may have to hold it in place for a minute.  However, low and should soon have a sweet little something that looks like...


 Look at what you just made!!!

Stay crafty y'all!!
xo maureen


  1. I so love these! I can see why it woke you up! I keep a pen and paper next to the bed just to try and catch those aha moments. Often by morning the ideas are long gone!
    Glad you are back,
    ~ joey ~

  2. So glad you are back... these are wonderful!

  3. So stinkin' cute! And so glad to see you again!

  4. Oh, so adorable - welcome back!

  5. So happy to see you're back!

  6. Very sweet. It is lovely to have you back. I'll be linking on FB :)

  7. Love this blog, I always knew mushrooms had a sense of humour and that faeries are real...

  8. Welcome back! I'm in such awe of your creativity and that you have each other. Both are such wonderful gifts.

    Okay, these are adorable. And I love crafts with acorns. But where ever do you find them with the caps? Our neighborhood does have lots of Oak trees but the acorns rarely have the caps still attached. I don't know if they fall off when they hit the sidewalk or what. But we usually only find acorns and no caps anywhere. And if they do have caps on, they most definitely to not come off easily. I guess I need to talk to a forester :-)

  9. When I see an Oak tree anywhere my eyes are on the ground...lots of walks in the woods result in my pockets being stuffed like little chipmunk cheeks, full of acorns. I think if you let your acorns dry a bit, they come apart much easier...I guess I'm lucky, I live near lots of woods and forest, so there seems to be an abundance of them here! Good luck!! xo

  10. Yay, yay, yay you're back! So delighted!

  11. These would look so cute in a fairy garden or terrarium! I'm linking to my blog.


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