Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bark Boats

With the delicious weather we have been having, the girls and I were inspired to make these little bark boats.
Quick to make and fun to play with!

To create you will need
Corks (with a long cold winter behind me, it seems I had plenty of these around ; )
Glue Gun
Fishing line
Eye hook
 Thumb tack
Fabric for your sail
 ~ To begin ~
Gather your bark from a no longer living tree.

Glue your corks together and add your eye hook.

Cut and glue your sail to your twig.

Glue your bark to the corks.

Poke a hole in your bark and glue in your sail.

Cut a long piece of fishing line and tie it on to your eye hook.
 Tie the other end to a thumbtack and attach to a single cork.
Wrap the line around your cork to keep it from getting all tangled.
Head to the water...

and set sail!!

Here's to spring & sunshine!
Be Well
~ Shanti ~


  1. These are just so beautiful! I can see them providing HOURS of fun for my girls. :) Thanks so much! Gorgeous photos, too, by the way. :)

  2. I smiled all the way through this post. Lovely girls, lovely images, lovely moments. I am pinning this so your boats can sail on to others. Thanks.

  3. Wonderful! Great activity and great outing! My Friday's Nature Table post is here:

  4. How simple and yet so beautiful and fun!

  5. What super fun, love the use of the corks ~ although not many wine bottles come with corks here anymore!

  6. Your bark boats are wonderful! What a wonderful project!

  7. What a great idea to use the corks!

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