Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow Ribbon Wands

to dance with ... who could resist?!

We had so much fun making these rainbow ribbon wands. 
Simple and and sure to bring delight!

To create you will need
A rainbow of sharpie markers
White Ribbon (fairly thick & wide ~ we found ours at the dollar store)
A sturdy twig
A key ring
An eye screw
Rubbing alcohol (over %80 works best)
 Medicine dropper
Glue gun
A plastic table cloth (to protect your work surface)

Begin by scribbling thick lines with your sharpies along the ribbon ~ going in order of the rainbow.

Then take your medicine dropper and drop drops of the alcohol....

onto the ribbon.

You may need to coax the alcohol a bit in the blending process
(by rubbing the tip of your dropper between the colors)

Watch as the colors blend into beautiful rainbows ~ MAGIC!

We did this on both sides of the ribbon once we realized it didn't bleed through and were so pleased with the results.

Now for the wand.
Take your twig and screw your eye hook into one end.

Thread your key ring into your eye hook.

Then take your ribbon, fold two inches or so over the key ring and glue it to the ribbon.

There you have it!

Let the dancing... 

the twirling...

                          the running, 
the whirling
                                and swirling... 


Happy trails my friends

~ Shanti ~


  1. FANTASTIC tutorial! I have been spending ages trying to figure out how to get a good rainbow ribbon! Thank you so much for the idea. (:

  2. Oh, my! I LOVE this idea! Those specialty ribbons I always look at for a wand are always too expensive, This is smart and I bet so fun for the kiddos.


  3. these are beautiful, great idea!

  4. Sharpies! What a great idea! I was just thinking this afternoon that I should make a couple of ribbon wands for my little ones! The rainbow ribbon is so pretty. Now I just need to get some colorful sharpies. (I banned them last year in our house because my toddler kept finding them and coloring the walls...pretty!)

  5. So pretty! We love rainbow wands!

  6. Awesome! Must put this on our summer bucket list.
    :) Jen

  7. Love this idea. It would be a Huge hit around here.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Perfect! So fun to involve the kids in the process. And it's a double joy of being a great toy AND a fun photo op/prop :-) So happy to have you two back!


  9. Oh. We. Are. So. Making. These! I never though about the eye hook idea and twigs. Brilliant. My daughter figured out the sharpie tie-dying of ribbon and alcohol on her own already. And it turned out beautifully. So this this great. I was talking with my daughter and the neighborhood girls just today about having a "dance/cheer/flag camp" in the neighborhood this summer. This will be great!!!!! Putting it on the calendar NOW!

  10. I just bookmarked this to my favorites bar! We aregoing to do this, it looks like so much fun I know my kids will love it. Now we just need the sharpies. This would be agreat idea for my husband to do with our kids.

  11. yay! another project for my kids to do while im at home with a new baby! thanks!

  12. We did it! Thanks for the great project idea. We had a fun time making our wands. My daughter made several for her friends for gifts as well as one for herself.

  13. That is a great idea! I should make one just for fun :)

  14. Great craft idea....I know a couple of girls who would love this! Has anyone tried this with Koolaid as the dye and then setting with vinegar?

  15. you could also use those shower curtain rings and tie the ribbon or wrap it around the ring. Great project!

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