Friday, May 18, 2012

Toadstool Purse Giveaway!!

Today we'd like to give a big HUGE Twig and Toadstool Welcome to one of our sponsors
Rebecca of

Creator of beautiful Waldorf dolls, quality doll clothing and children's clothing, felted purses and other natural handmade treasures. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Rebecca: I live with my husband and 9 children in the "back woods" of 
the Ottawa Valley. I grew up here, and I love it. I love that I can sit out on my back porch 
in the early morning and hear silence. I love that I can walk down the road to a sparkling, 
clean lake to swim. I love the drama of the seasons. 

My father and mother instilled in me a deep love for all things handmade. My dad was a 
Luthier. He built gorgeous one of a kind guitars. My mom was the type of "self- 
sufficient" woman who would make her own granola, hand-smock each one of us dresses 
for Easter, always had a knitting project on the go, and wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty 
in the garden. She had me sewing my first outfit when I was six years old. I'll never forget 
it. So many seams sewn and then ripped out....and then sewn again. Did I mention she 
had the patience of a saint!?:)

Creativity was always encouraged in our home. It was a very "organic" process. We had 
trunks of fabric scraps, yarn and craft supplies always at our disposal and we were en- 
couraged to just "try stuff". My mother would teach us the skills necessary, and then give 
us free reign to design and create.  Of course she LOVED every single project even more 
than the last! A woman can always use another pot holder, right?! 
Recycling or "upcycling" as some now call it, was and is just a part of life in a big family. 
Things are passed and re-purposed. We often shop second hand. There is 
something so ultimately satisfying in taking someone else's "junk" and making it into 
something funky and useable all over again! 

What inspired you to open your Etsy shop "Handmaiden Canada"?

Rebecca: After six months of my husband 
being off work with ulcerative colitis and awaiting imminent surgery, I started to rack my 
brain, trying to think of a way I could make some sort of an income from the home. I 
have been a stay at home mom for the past 18 years, and though I'm so grateful I've had 
the opportunity to be home with my children during these tender years, I do feel I am a 
little behind, with very little outside work experience under my belt. 
So what to do? I decided to start a business from the home. As soon as a friend of mine 
introduced me to the website, the lightbulb went on. This was something I 
could do! I could make things and sell them on the internet.  I opened a shop and called it 
Handmaiden Canada. 
Now, what to sell? I started to experiment. I started knitting bags and then felting them. I 
then started making things with recycled, felted sweaters and that was a lot of fun. Then I 
discovered Waldorf Dolls!! 

Her daughter Megan....  with her luvkin doll, modeling the doll & child matching dresses (a beautiful line made by her mother!) available in her shop.

I have always loved dolls. I think I actually played with them until I was about 12 years 
old. Shhh...don't tell anyone...everyone thought I was just dressing them for my younger 
sisters. So I thought I'd give it a try.I ordered enough supplies to make 2 dolls, and I was 
hooked! What fun it was to dream up ideas for eye and hair colours, fabric 
combinations...oooh the possibilities were endless! I spent more than a few sleepless 
nights with visions of dollies dancing through my head. 
I made those two, and then went on to order more supplies...and more and more dollies 
were born.

One beautiful thing that has come out of all of this, is that I am starting to see it turn into a fam- 
ily endeavor. My girls know how sew, and can help with the stuffing. My husband does some of 
the shipping, my 14 year old son is great with the camera, and I have cute models of almost 
every size from ages 2 to 18! This business seems like a perfect fit for our family, and I look 
forward to seeing where things go.

Thank you Rebecca for telling us about yourself and your business...we wish you SO much success in this fabulous business of yours.

Now...onto the giveaway. 
You can win this beautiful wool felted toadstool purse made with love by Handmaidencanada!!

To enter all you have to do is go pay a visit to the Handmaidencanada etsy shop or her Luvkin etsy shop and let us know what your favorite item is. 
For an additional entry come like her page on facebook.
You have until next Friday at midnight to enter. We will announce the winner next weekend. Good luck to all who enter!
The winner is Jill...we'll be in contact with you for your shipping info soon.
Thanks to all who entered.
(fyi...we use to pick our giveaway winners)!

Thank you for helping us support such a great mama run business!!
xo maureen and shanti


  1. I have admired Handmaiden Canada's beautiful dolls and sewing for a long time! (LOVE the name, so clever!) Thank you for your generosity!
    ~ joey ~

  2. The doll that is reserved for Melissa (Waldorf Doll, 10 inch Girl, luvkin, Thalia) is so beautiful. I LOVE the colours!!!

  3. Lovely dolls and creations. Annabelle is just gorgeous! As is the Pink Felted Wool purse in the Handmaiden shop.

  4. I 'liked' Handmaiden on Facebook

  5. I have long admired Rebecca's work. Such beautiful, unique treasures. I'm saving up for one of her dolls. But I gotta say, I also love that peasant dress. Scrumptious - as is this utterly charming purse.

    Thank you ladies, for this chance to win.

  6. I have to admire a woman who can create these beautiful things with 9 kids around!! I love the turqouise peasant dress.

  7. Wow, lots of lovely things! I especially like the "Robin" doll! She has my name and my favorite color, PINK! Thank you for a chance to win the cute purse. My 8 year old daughter would love it!

  8. I LOVE the Bohemian Turquoise Black & Brown Bag. Just gorgeous! I also admire all her handworks in her shop. Amazing talent!

  9. I LOVE the Bohemian Turquoise Black & Brown Bag. Just gorgeous! I also admire all her handworks in her shop. Amazing talent!

  10. I liked her facbook page and it was a pleasure to do so.
    Jill Ann Tyler Dupre

  11. I love all her creations and our home has a few of them! We don't yet have one of her gorgeous dolls, though!

  12. I "like" Handmaiden on Facebook!

  13. I love the rainbow and polka dot sundress. Too cute!

  14. Ahh I love the baby poncho!!

  15. Such beautiful dolls! I just love the Waldorf Doll, 15 inch, luvkin, Sunrise---just stunning.

  16. I liked her on facebook too :)

  17. The blue and red doll sweater is pretty adorable!

  18. I "like" Handmaiden on Facebook!

    Gorgeous bag! I love all her handworks in her shop. This will be perfect gift to my daughter and her birthday is next week.

  19. I particularly like the felted bags in Rebecca's etsy shop and the waldorf luvkin dolls are just fabulous - well done for creating them.

  20. Great story!! My senses are on overload at the luvkin shop! So many beautiful dolls. I think Robin is my favorite. No, wait. It's Caitlyn. Or maybe Sunrise. Austin is so cool. Oh, I give up. They are all amazing. The hot pink/orange dress is also a really really cool design and fabric. But do to an encounter with the ornery first grade boys in Sunday school I wouldn't let my daughter out of the house in something with a velcro closure in the back. lol. Keep up the great work!!

  21. I love the summer woodland fairy dress- so nice to see bigger sizes!! Keep it up!
    Faith in Oregon - yes that one!

  22. I liked Waldorf Doll, 15 inch, luvkin, Caitlyn. Soooo cute!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. I like Handmaiden on Facebook as Tanya Rubezhov.

  24. What beautiful treasures, and all crafted in the midst of 9 children! Annabelle is sweet and rainbow-licous...

  25. What a sweet little handbag! I love it!

  26. Just brilliant! All her work is fab. I'm off to hunt her down on facebook!

  27. I just love her woodland fairy outfit. And what beautiful pictures of all her goodies.

  28. I love the crocheted dress. It is beautiful.

  29. I just love her Austin doll on the luvkin shop! He is adorable!

  30. Impossible to pick a favorite, but i love luvkin, Anabelle. :) thank you for the chance! enchantedtree(at)

  31. i'm a fan on facebook! tree tiemeyer


  32. I love Anabelle from the luvkin page & also the Girls Dress Natural Crochet Linen dress from the handmaidencanada ~ all the clothes too, & the rest of the dolls, and, and.... <3

  33. I liked Handmaiden Canada on FB - wendy ritchey

  34. Oh the purse is adorable! I love the purple folk art summer top and capris! I have a little one who would look adorable in it. Thanks for the chance!

  35. I liked Handmaiden Canada on FB! Thanks for the second chance!

  36. I think the dolls are just too cute for words on her etsy shop!

  37. Oh what gorgeous dolls! Anabelle is soooo special ~ thanks for introducing me to these wonderful stores x

  38. I love the yellow knit doll dress - so sweet!

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