Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dandelion Massage Oil

What is yellow and green
Grows all around, 
Can be eaten entirely
Provides healing goodness
 Looks pretty
is Determined to stay? 


Those sweet little yellow furry heads have been popping up their sunshine faces up everywhere these past few days. I know many folks out there aren't to fond of dandelions... but as I see them dot our yards I welcome them as a sure sign of spring, not to mention we found a good use for them (among many)!

Dandelions are a wonderful blossom to use to make massage oil with. Dandelions blossoms are medicinally known for their ability to bring relaxation, relive aches and pains as well as treat skin irritations and inflammation. Seeing dandelions are in crazy abundance right now we decided to take advantage of nature's bounty! 

To create dandelion massage oil you will need:

oil (we used grape seed)
a jar
a drop or two of any essential oil (mmm... lavender?)
and a willing harvest helper 

To create:

Pluck the tops off dandelions that have been grown in a pesticide free space.

Place dandelion heads in a jar and pour oil in until it covers them. 

Seal and place in a sunny window for two to three weeks. 

I loved how it looked glowing in the sun.
So pretty.

Strain and pour into the vessel you want to keep it in (we used an empty massage oil jar)
Add a couple drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil.

Warm up those hands and spread the dandelion love on some who needs a good rub.

Perhaps after a good "dandelion rub" we can all make peace with it's generous ability to give and all be dandelion lovers ;)

Blessings of sunshine,



  1. Thanks for a new and good perspective. I never disliked dandelions but after this post like them more than I did 60 seconds ago and that is a good thing!! Have a happy and blessed Friday and weekend!


  2. great idea- i will have to give it a try... and make my husband give me a massage!!

  3. Wow- great idea! These grow profusely around here! I will have to try it out!

  4. The finished oil is a lovely colour, and I bet your kids had great fun picking them.

  5. I love the idea of using all the dandelions my daughter picks for something useful!

  6. Massage oil is a great thing to use for releasing stress and tension. Keep up the good work.

  7. Love home made massage oils....this one looks great.can't wait to try it

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  10. can I use olive oil?


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