Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nutshell Friends

Anyone in your home a pistachio lover? We have quite a few of them here. Which often leads to bowls of empty shells just hanging around. And you know how it can be when your are a "craftaholic"... odd things like nutshells just seem to be begging to to made into something else ;)

We had fun making these little nutshell friends and thought we'd share!

To create you will need:
pistachio shells
paints or markers

To make:

Eat up those delicious pistachios.
Rinse the shells and let them dry.

Paint them.

Paint or draw on the details.

Once these were done we realized we wanted a way to display them and put them to use!

We glued them to magnets and now these little friends hold up gifts that often fill our fridge.

Enjoy you new nutty friends! 



  1. Oh my goodness, what cuteness! I love the fridge magnets idea. Twig and Toadstool strikes again with a marvelous recycling craft! ^-^

  2. Amazing. Great idea
    Thank you for all your beautiful posts!

  3. This is an extraordinary thinking, keep it up..thank u for inspiration


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