Friday, May 14, 2010

Our garland making afternoon...

Our beautiful friend at Wabi-Sabi Wanderings was brave enough to invite us all over to her house, with all of our kids, for a garland making afternoon!!!  A few posts back I wrote a little tutorial on how to make your own paper beads, and this is why...a paper bead garland!!!  Well, you need a few more things, pompoms, mini mirrors, beads of all sorts, fishing twine and glue...oh, the results are breathtaking!!!  I must mention here that this is not my idea...this was the sheer creative genius of our wonderful Wabi Sabi friend!!!

Get a length of fishing twine and start loading it on...did you know that the fishing twine goes right through the pom needles are necessary, (all of us moms were amazed by this today)!  Put on beads, paper beads, glue the mirrors together, slide on a pom pom or two...totally rules required!!!  And here is the stunning result...a heap of garland!!!

This afternoon was one of those times when my life felt full, and completely have our kids running around the yard playing, laughing, screaming with JOY...the babies in the house, exploring, cuddling and being delightful, and these wonderful women, (both of whom have lovely blogs you should check out...Wabi-Sabi Wanderings and The Knitty Gritty Homestead)...oh, how completely honoured I feel to know them...they challenge me creatively, have given me a shoulder to cry on, (on more than one occasion), and just add a wonderful amount of sparkle to my life!  Thank you girls!!!  Below is a picture of the crafty crew...

This is all of us with our kids outside!!!

My co-blogger Shanti and I, being goofy!!! (I'm on the left)

The view at the Wabi Sabi homestead!!!

Have a happy, crafty fun filled weekend!!!
with love


  1. Oh such beauty! You truly are a blessed group of women, to all have each other! And the kids, so adorable!! I love the group shot, wish I could come hang out with all of you :)

  2. What an absolutely adorable picture of the moms and all look so JOYful!

    and love the horses ...of course :)

    A great idea to make a garland! Love it!

    happy day!

  3. What a stunning afternoon! Such an amazing photo of everyone together!
    Happy weekend

  4. love this, such fun times .. great photo of you all, such a blessings to spend time together
    happy weekend from over here in the UK

  5. I have trouble posting my comments every day~don't know why! The little mirrors have a protective plastic layer on them...just peel it off to reveal REALLY shiny little mirrors. I wrapped mine around our dinner table candles last night as a centrepiece! LOVED spending time with you all...must do it again soon.

  6. Beautiful ladies...I miss you all!

  7. We really MUST do this more often. It's so very uplifting. Hopefully ALL of the friends can make it next time! We'll need a wide angle lens to capture that group photo ;-)

  8. Childhood Magic...if you ever find yourself in rural Ontario, we will have a craft gathering in your honour...we would LOVE to hang out with you too!!!
    Erin...we miss YOU...come over soon!!!!
    Loads of love to you all & thank you for the wonderful comments!!!

  9. oh look at you all together! What a perfect craft and play group! Lucky ducks!!

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