Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Gardening Week...Let's Check Out Edible Flowers

One of my favorite things to plant are edible flowers. This is the time of year I eagerly await the spouting and blossoming of my beloved edibles. I love the joy in continually harvesting a bounty of beautiful  flowers, using them to garnish plates, decorate cakes, sprinkle on salads, nibble on right out of the garden and share with my girls in the play of  food art. I  love that these exquisite and elegant faces of nature, bring such delicious beauty to the creations they grace!

                   Here is my 10th wedding anniversary cake I decorated ~ using
organically grown polish  roses, violas, marigolds and daisies.

         My daughter Luna's rainbow birthday cake using bee balm, 
        nasturtiums,  calendula, mint, borage and violets.

   served with this rainbow fruit salad ~ garnished with a rainbow of  flowers

      My favorite edible ~ the tender, peppery, sweet nasturtiums that come 
  in brilliant sunset colors

        Luna's center piece of calendulas that she created for our dinner table

         The lilacs are bursting here right now and are EDIBLE!
             To celebrate this, the girls and I are making lilac blossom ice cubes for
our company tonight!

I am amazed at the amount of edibles you can grow and be inspired  to bring your food to life with! check out this link, it guides you through what flowers to plant, how to use them and what they taste like.
go HERE for more info

also this link is great to see what they look like when shopping for them at a green house.

in  edible  delights
 ~ Shanti~


  1. Wait'll you see Violet's Violet Birthday Cupcakes!! This is a visually stunning post. We missed Luna's Bday last year... what a joy her cake was!!

  2. *sigh* You make the most beautiful cakes EVER. That rainbow cake creation is gorgeous!

  3. Ohmy. Your cakes are stunningly gorgeous!
    I swoon for nastursiums and calendula.
    And now I've learned that lilacs are edible too! Thanks for the education!

  4. I love the rainbow fruit salad!

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