Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Gnome" is where the heart is!

Valentine's day is around the corner...time to bring out the love inspired crafts!  Last night I decided to make some little Valentine gnomes!  So so simple.  Using the Wee Folk Art gnome pattern, and some red and pink wool felt, I simply embellished, sewing a little heart onto their body. 

Of course they need some toadstools to dine on...using wooden hearts for plates, and then wooden plugs, (found at home depot), I painted wee little toadstools...just perfect for a romantic gnome feast!

This was a quick and easy craft to whip up for the kids...a sweet little addition to the nature table, or playscape!'s a bonus...I just discovered this song the other day...if you're a gnome enthusiast like me, it'll make you smile.
David Bowie's "the laughing gnome"
here's a version with the you can see the clever little things the gnomes are saying!

xo maureen


  1. Gosh that song is a blast from the past...
    love the gnomes ..using the wood plugs from HD was inspired ;0)

  2. ooooooh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your crafts!!! I must make these sweet gnomes!!! ahhh! sweet!

  3. Just a great, sweet little craft - using the little wooden plugs for toadstools - really cute:)

  4. Ha, ha, ha. He, he, he the wee girl did a dance on my knee!

  5. So cute Maureen. I really need to get some of those pegs from you.


  6. I absolutely love that Wee Folk pattern and your Valentine's interpretation.

  7. AHHHHHH i am dying of cuteness!!!

  8. Maybe the title of your post could be "Home is where the Gnome is?!?"

    Love your wee toadstools!!!

  9. Oh I just love all of your crafts and that song is a hoot! I can see a few valentine gnomes in our future :)

  10. Hi ya, I'm a lurker and lover of your blog and the creative gifts you share. I love to visit because I'm sure to find something enriching. I'm looking for an article that I think you wrote about self and taking raw photo's and being real, was that here? I wanted also to say how much I appreciate your blog by passing on the 'Stylish Blogger Award' to you :) I'll post your link on my blog tomorrow. JM xo

  11. As a child of the seventies (yes, I'm showing my age), I seem to remember every children's birthday party had the Laughing Gnome played atleast once! Not heard it for ages. Probably since then. Now I want to eat jelly and play "pin the tail on the donkey"....

    Love the sweet gnomes. Toadstools are a nice touch.

  12. Adorable! Love their little mushrooms!

  13. love these, what a great little craft. They are so adorable and perfect for the nature table. :-)

  14. Hi Twigs and Toadstools!
    I have a wee waldorf shoppe and I am finding more and more often I am putting a link to your blog for my customers to "craft by"! Your writing is joyful and eloquent, your crafts are simple, but inspired and we love that you are Canadian like us! All the best to you and your family.

    Jessi and the Aurora Forest Toy Shoppe


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