Friday, January 14, 2011

Toadstool Plant Pokes

With the depths of winter fully upon us here ~ I have been craving some "new life" for our indoor space.

These spun-cotton toadstools that the crafts dept. inspired, seemed like the perfect fit!

To create you will need

Thin cardboard (an old cereal bow works great)
Low-loft cotton batting
White and red paint
Bamboo skewers

 ~ To begin ~
 For the toadstool cap, cut a circle from your cardboard, then cut a pie wedge out of the circle. 

Fold the circle onto itself at the wedge and tape. 

To make the toadstool stem ~ roll a rectangle of cardboard and tape to secure. Next tape the stem into the toadstool cap (be forewarned it seemed to take quite a bit of tape to get it secure!)

Place loose cotton stuffing on toadstool to build up the top of the cap.
 Tear a circle shape from cotton batting, leaving a long tail. Place circle on cotton batting and pull around the cap; wrap batting tail tight around the top of the stem (tucking when needed) to secure ~ this seems to give your toadstool some great gills! Continue wrapping the tail down the stem adding more batting if necessary. 

Insert a skewer into the stem.  
Mix your white acrylic paint with a little water and paint the toadstool.

Let it dry ~

 Then paint your cap red, followed by the white spots when the red is dry.
Finally add a coat of modpodge for sheen and strength.

There it is ~ a ray of spring to cheer us along in this season of cold and quiet.

Poke it into your favorite potted plant and await the fairies that will be enticed to come frolick...

 ~ Thought I might try out some other mushrooms ~ 

The toadstool still has me smitten though!

These now live among our indoor plants, reminding me that spring shall be greeting me with her fresh face soon...

Wishing you
 where ever you are in this big wonderful world
a season of warmth and wonder!
~ Shanti ~ 


  1. What a wonderful idea! Love the new look too :)

  2. they are absolutely magical and amazing!!
    glad to see you back!

  3. So cute! Love the website revamp too!

  4. i love, love, love all of your beautiful creations!

  5. So Adorable! I can't wait to make some of these for my indoor plants. Thank You!

  6. I love these! Thanks for sharing this. Love the new header, btw.

  7. That is SOOOO adorable! I love little mushrooms! Thanks for sharing!

  8. ...or "I love little toadstools" rather. :)

  9. They are gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial, too.

  10. That last shot, of all the toadstools in the plant -- wonderful! The faeries live there too, right? LOVE the new header too.

    Love and light...

  11. I made these too, for our winter nature table. ( So enchanting... I love the idea of poking them into our indoor plants.

  12. They are just perfect. They remind me of the winter deco my mum used to put up!

  13. So lovely Shanti, they will brighten up your home a little, sending you some sunny blessings...

  14. I just love toadstools, you are filled with so many creative ideas!!

  15. That is so cool. I have always loved those little colorful mushrooms. Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. If they are not safe for outside/terrarium, is there a way to make them so?


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