Friday, March 18, 2011

Root Children

The Spring Nature table is slowly coming to life with some sweet little handmade creations.  The first order of business was to create some "root children" to bring the first Spring shoots onto our table in these early Spring days.

I was trying to make mine look like budding root bulbs...

Basically they are peg dolls with a brown tube...the one with the round hat has a hat made with 2 brown "doughnut" of the holes is for the head to fit through, and the other hole is whipstitched and some "greenery" is poking through, (it's full of wool stuffing), and then glued onto the head.
The other one has a triangular hat, with the top folded down and again some green poking through, (again glued on)!

Then of course, I got totally sidetracked and started looking up "root children"...oh my goodness...look what I found!!!

from elfenweige on etsy

This was made as an art display...more info can be found HERE

 from haddy2dogs on etsy

(can you imagine having THIS on your nature table!!!!!)

 from fernbirdecostore in New Zealand

from Mountainhearth on etsy

from our good friend Softearthart on etsy

 from the Handmade Homemaker on etsy

Are you feeling it...the root children are coming, the root children are coming!!!

Today when I look outside of my window I actually see spots of GRASS poking through the snow...
Spring is near!!!!!

xo maureen


  1. I love your root children! They're absolutely perfect!

  2. So much inspiration. My kids are as mesmerized as I am by the quilt in "Mother Earth and Her Children", and I've felt so inspired to create something for our seasonal table that reflects that magic. Thanks for all the ideas and beauty!

  3. Your root children are adorable! Love all the other finds as well. That book is one of our favorites!

  4. lovely and you have reminded me to get my copy of the root children out for a good story telling!
    great little peg people!!
    thanks for sharing

  5. oh my, this post absolutely made my day. what cute creations! i recently discovered those wooden peg dolls and we made a cute little leprechaun for st. patty's day. i'm hooked. they are just so charming! thanks for sharing your ideas.
    very fun to find your blog - please come visit us when you get the chance:

  6. I love your root children...the little sprouts on their hats are great.

  7. such incredible creations....all of them! i made root/flower children for my peg doll swap. i will post pics soon. ;)

  8. Dear Maureen,

    I'm having so much fun watching you create so many wonderful things this spring! What a delight your house and nature table must be...I also loved seeing other people's versions of root children. love, Beth

  9. I love their bright green burts of spring!

  10. My youngest three have really been enjoying the book. I am certain they would also love to have some accompanying Root Children peg dolls to play along with! Your creations are lovely, as always.

  11. What a fun post! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Namaste, Nicole

  12. Maureen, your blog is looking so lovely and I'm always inspired by your crafts. I told my sister-in-law that your blog is the one she needs to visit for ideas and inspiration. xxx

  13. They are adorable, love visiting your blog!

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