Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Preserving Dandelion Clocks

Dandelion clocks (always wondered what they were called in the fluff ball stage ~ just found out it's clocks!) tend to remind me of a Dr. Seuss creation.  There is something so irresistible about gathering them up to blow their wishes free. Their ethereal seeds looking like floating fairies dancing in the sky. 
My girls love doing blowing (what they call) "sister wishes" and watching as their wishes drift together in the sky.
I was thinking how neat it would be if we could preserve the dandelion in its fleeting, fragile, fluff ball stage. I loved the idea of having them around all year, keeping the spirit of spring with us and couldn't  help but picture them as fairy trees in a fairy garden.

To preserve dandelion clocks you will need:

thin twigs or dried flower stems
glitter (optional but oh so pretty!)

To begin:

Gather up your supplies and helpers and head to your favorite dandelion filled space.

Mist your dandelion clock with hairspray.

While it is still damp, shake on some glitter.

Allow it to dry in the breeze for a few minutes.

(Wish the glitter showed up better! It really is quite magical)

Gather up the clocks you have sprayed, glittered and allowed to dry.

Cut off the fluff ball top off its stem.

Place a dollop of glue at the end of your twig and attach it to your dandelion head.

There you have it. So simple! So pretty.

Once we completed a few fluff ball trees, we decided they were perfect for the fairies.

Into the fairy garden they went.

They seemed like a perfect fit. What do you think?

I am happy to share that these dandelion trees held up for a very long time. It is wonderful that something so delicate and temporary, can be around for us to appreciate all that much longer. 

Dandelion wishes to you, 



  1. This is so lovely! I especially LOVE the fairy garden! I am in love...

  2. What an amazing fairy garden!

  3. What a lovely idea! I wonder if something natural such as starch or sugar solution sprayed on would also work? Our dandelions are still mostly yellow flowers, we'll have to wait a little to experiment. I think I'm now inspired to start our own little fairy garden :)

  4. These are beautiful pictures. I love how you made a natural addition to your play scene.

  5. Instead of twigs, try casting your sparkly clocks in resin!
    Fill an empty bobble from a 75c toy dispenser 2/3rds full of casting resin and catalyst, gently push the clock into the liquid an allow to harden. Best paperweight for gazing at an daydreaming about summer during the long cold months.

  6. Beautiful love the fairy garden .I wondered how to keep the clocks as I want to put some into a small glass container to give to my Grandaughter as a wishing bottle to take with her when she moves away .Thank you so much for sharing ��

  7. That looks wonderful! Have you tried blowing one after you put hairspray on them? I am hoping to preserve some for an event and blow them there for good wishes. I might just have to experiment myself, but was hoping you maybe tried already?

    1. Did you ever try it? We're attempting the same thing at a wedding and I don't want to waste time if it's not worth it. =)

    2. Did you ever try it? We're attempting the same thing at a wedding and I don't want to waste time if it's not worth it. =)

    3. I aim thinking the same thing. I am going crazy trhough the internet trying to find how to preserve dandilions so you can blow them at a wedding. If anyone knows it would be great to hava an answer. BTW great idea to preserve them on that shape, I thinkk I might use the idea for the flowers decorations at the wedding.

  8. I just finished my morning walk and I collected several perfect dandelion clocks. Thanks to your post I now know how to properly preserve them. I like your idea of adding them to a fairy garden... Very whimsical!
    P.S. You have a lovely blog. :)


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