Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wooden Spoon Garden Stakes

With the fabulous season of gardening upon us we decided to create some sweet garden stakes!
This is a very quick, inexpensive way to mark the tender beauties growing for you.

To create you will need 

Wooden spoons
Watercolor pencil crayons
A wood burner
Outdoor modpodge or a sealant of any kind

Begin by drawing your plant pictures and words on your spoons.

Next, take your wood burning tool and trace over your picture and words. 
(With close supervision it seems to be easy and safe for little people (sevenish and up)

Color them in with your watercolors... 

Put a sealant over your spoons
and there you go!

Unique garden stakes that will always remind you of your kiddies.
Thinking these would make a great gift for grandparents!

After admiring their colorful handiwork we decided to give them a home.

First up was planting our sweet peas...

 giving them a good drink...

and marking our new babies!

Now they smile up at us, reminding us of the beautiful bounty soon to fill our table and bellies.

Celebrating the goodness of gardens
~ Shanti ~

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  1. love these! what a great idea! (would also love to garden with you, and your sweet two - miss you lots!)

  2. I love those spoons! I may just have to try this out if I find a pack of inexpensive spoons. Thanks for sharing! You have some lovely little artists on your hands.

  3. You can get cheap wooden spoons at the dollar store...3 for a dollar!!!! Xo maureen

  4. I am going to try this! I shared on fb, too.
    Karen at

  5. What a cute idea! And I love how the kids get to participate... it makes it so much better :)

  6. Gasp,these are totally awesome! How cute are those girls in the garden.

  7. I cannot even handle how adorable this is!!
    My name is Melissa and I'm the managing content editor for I love this adorable project and I'd love to publish it on our site! You can contact me at for more info.
    Thanks and have a wonderful holiday weekend!
    All the best,

  8. Beautiful! I love having the kids label things-- Avila labels my spice jars- this is a great idea!!
    -Faith in OR

  9. Love these! I think I see some in our near future.

  10. They are incredibly cute and would make a lovely gift with some packets of seeds, wouldn't they?!

  11. Okay, these are adorable! The girls' artwork is incredible. What a treat it will be to use these functional art pieces year after year.

  12. Im surprised these kids are so creative.

  13. Your blog have a nice contents about the garden stakes.I would like to continue with your blogs and appreciate your manner of writing.

  14. These are so cute! Have pinned them :)

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