Friday, June 15, 2012

Toadstool Acorn PEOPLE!!!!

Oh my goodness...the sweet little acorn toadstools I made in May just sparked my imagination...
I started to think about entire villages of little acorn toadstool people, with acorn toadstools dazzling the're going to get pretty sick of acorn toadstool crafts by the time I'm done with you!!! make these sweet little will need:
acorns with caps
small wooden beads
paint, (red, white, black)
glue gun & glue

First paint your acorn tops red with white spots...let them dry

Get some small beads and paint on little faces...I put my beads on a knitting needle and balanced it on a mason jar for the painting part.  If you want to add hair you can do that too...let them dry thoroughly.

Next, using your glue gun, attach the bead head to the acorn...the pointy side will be pointing up...
if it doesn't stand properly, use a free standing belt sander or sand paper to make the bottom even.

Glue on your acorn cap/toadstool hat...

At this point, if you want add a little felt robe...after all, your little people might get a case of the chills whilst out on an adventure!

Here is the back view of the robe...basically I took a bit of wool felt, cut out a cape shape and glue gunned it to my little acorn people!

These are super sweet...I have little toadstool acorn EVERYTHINGS all over my house...I have to say, put about 10 of these together, and put them on a window ledge and they look positively charming!  I'm also thinking...add a hook eye to the top and you have a sweet little ornament!
Of could also let the children play with them...for a little while ;)
I would NOT recommend you give these to little little folks...they are quite fragile and would definately be a choking hazard! 

With spotty, dotty, toadstool LOVE
xo maureen


  1. CUTE! Now I have a purpose for all those acorns Aria collects along the sidewalk!

  2. Love these little acorn people. They remind me of Elsa Beskow's "Children of the Forest" I wrote about her magical book in a post about Sweden recently. If you have never read her book it is truly magical.

  3. I love them! They can live in the toadstool homes that are all over my house. Happy weekend!

  4. I love them! We are big acorn fans around here :) I have a whole stash left over from Autumn, I'm going to have to try this with my girls, they'll love it.

  5. This is a great idea! Going to have to try this!!!

  6. These are so cute! Wishing that I could get acorns here. . .

  7. I love these little people! We have quite the acorn collection just waiting to be transformed. I'm so glad you guys are back!

  8. These are whimsically fantastic. Pure perfection!

  9. How cute, I love their little red toadstool caps, what a great project! :)

  10. So sweet and full of whimsy. I love the idea of making them into ornaments.

  11. Just saw these...adorable! May have to do an acorn hunt today! Or dig some out from my craft drawer upstairs!

  12. I also sprayed them with clear acrylic
    to give them a shine.

  13. My friend has set up a wonderful Fairy garden with all kinds of fairies, gnomes, lights etc. Shall try making some of you little people for her. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial.

  14. These are adorable! We have acorns falling from our trees right now. They are still green. I may need to wait until i see some brown acorns. I may have to wait until next year to make things!! They are so darn cute!!_


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