Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Keepsake Frame

With Fathers Day approaching 
we wanted to find a simple way to express our love!

Here is what we came up with and 
wanted to share....

A sweet way to say I love you to the father's (or papa's :) in your life!

An "I love you because..." picture frame. 

To create you will need

A frame
Photos that capture his fabulousness
Dry erase markers

To begin...
gather few of your favorite photos that capture the love.

Secure them onto a piece of paper, add your I love you because....
and put in your frame.

If you feel inspired, gather up some goodies from nature and glue on to decorate.

Use your dry erase marker to write on top of the glass...

and let the love pour out!

The best part? They can write fresh love notes to him daily!

Looking forward to hanging these up in the home ~ where he can continually be reminded of how great he truly is!

Here's to the good men in our lives!

(really hoping he doesn't peek at the blog before Sunday. shhh.... ; )

With Love 
~ Shanti ~


  1. Very sweet! Wish I'd seen this a few weeks ago and I would have done it with my class! Maybe next year..but not too late to do it with my kids!

  2. I am doing this today with my daughter! I love how simple and profound it is! Thank you for the great idea!

  3. Fabulous! The dry-erase marker idea is so clever. Endlessly customizable. Such an awesome gift.

  4. Very cute! I'm so happy you two are blogging again!

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