Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reach for the STARS!!!!

Every year after the Christmas excitement slows down my girls and I take a few hours to 
pause and reflect on the year to come.

I call it the "reach for the STARS" tradition…

As a family we all have unique goals and dreams, and our goal throughout the year is to 
help each other attain the things most important to our hearts!

To start cut out some stars using white card stock…
Then using a black thin sharpie write down some "goals" for the year ahead.

When you are done writing your goals, paint them with glue on the back, and on the star points…
(the BEST part), pour glitter all over!!!!!!

String them up using a large needle and embroidery floss…
(and pause to admire the sparkly-ness)!!

 I think I like the "HELP MOM" one the best!!!  

And add to the Christmas tree…this tradition gives our tree a "fresh" new outlook
 for the New Years celebration to come.  
(If you take down your tree right after Christmas, you can hang these off a branch, put up a small clothesline, whatever you fancy!) 
After our tree comes down I usually hang these up somewhere in our house for a few months
 to keep us all on track.

For me the New Year is a chance for "newness"…it's just a good marker for change in our lives and serves as a good time to goal set as a family and individually.

Wishing you all abundant creativity, beauty, love, laughter and light in the year to come!!!
Happy New Year!!!!



  1. Such a wonderful idea! The "help mom" one made me teary. Beautiful. And I need to drink more water too.

  2. OH what a lovely idea. We are going to do this tonight, just before the tree comes down. I might save a few branches from it, (that aren't looking a bit sorry for themselves) to hang the wishes on until the new year. Thank you for sharing this! Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely idea, thank you for sharing. I think we will do this on Tuesday during our 4 hour train journey (without the glitter...)

  4. What a lovely idea. I have been following your blog till you had a stop and then just last week I tried your name again just out of curiosity and bang you were back. I'm so happy.
    Happy New Year

  5. So glad you decided to check in again! Shanti and I were hired by the CBC to do "guest posts" for their parents website…it sort of lit the fire under our butts again, and since this blog just refuses to die and seems to still get lots of hits we decided to blog once more! It's so nice to have this space to share and create!! Big new years love!!

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